sleep. ah sleep. we used to be good pals now we're more like long lost friends. caleb entered our world, and our sleep made its exit.

you're warned, may god are you warned but you just don't fully get it until it happens to you.

so all pregnant people out there, when a total stranger comes up to you doling out yet more advice (because you just know how people like to do that) take the sleep one seriously.

get it while you can.
sleep like you've never slept before.
sleep like you're life depended on it, because unless you're blessed with one of those freaky 'they sleep right through' babies you can kiss it goodbye.

why all the talk about sleep? well i had the lovely people from silentnight scotland get in touch with me to see if i would like to try out and review a sleep aid. eh yes please!

i was able to choose from a list of sleep aids, and after initially being disappointed that a night nurse to tend to caleb wasn't on the list ;) i opted for the lavender pillow spray. i'm a big champion of natural oils after my skin went crazy when caleb was born so the spray seemed a good fit for me.

now the idea of using a sleep aid has never entered my head, i'm more of a like to complain i'm getting no sleep kinda girl rather than actually doing something about it.

so i was curious to see if this would help. you see i have no problems falling to sleep it is getting back to sleep when caleb wakes in the night that is the problem. he is up for mere minutes and then settles back down, his mama however...a different story.

so i've tried the spray for a week and what have i found?

for a start using a sleep aid has made me approach sleep differently. when i can't sleep i'm quick to grab my ipad, i do this even knowing it's the last thing my brain needs...stimulation. since trying out the spray and taking my blog reviewer job seriously ;) i followed the instructions to breathe in the scent and relax, and relax i did, and what happens when you relax? well you only went and guessed it...sleep. rocket science i know ;)

so if you have trouble sleeping i would totally give this a shot, although if you're not a fan of lavender this little baby is not for you. the big key i feel though is to relax. no technology, no listening out for the baby (i so do this like i'm newly deaf) you will hear them, no list making in your head (my sleep nemesis), and lastly your mum banged on about it non stop when you were a kid...a tidy room. i don't know about you but i can't sleep in a messy room, i can't function in a messy home for that matter. ahh i am turning into my mother. (not such a bad thing, ma ;)

i wish you all lots of lovely sleep, if you have any sleep tips i would love to hear them, and if you have a baby that sleep right through, keep that fact to yourself no one likes a show off ;)

*this is a sponsored post and i was kindly sent the lavender spray free of charge. all opinions however are my own. if it's a yay or a nay i will always write honestly :)


  1. Awwww, I know what you mean - nothing can prepare you until it actually happens! My husband has been pretty good getting up with the babies. It's funny as we always thought it would be the opposite way round! He can get up, and go straight back to sleep with no trouble. Me, on the other hand, could spend so long getting back to sleep that there was no point going back to bed! I am really not good with disturbed sleep!

    1. me and you both! i love as well that a sleep in is now like 8am, my how things change!!