ah baby boy, it's been a while since i've done a week in this little house post. i initially started these posts as you were changing so much and so fast that i didn't want to forget a thing. these last few months have seen you make big changes (or should i say steps!) but also settle into yourself, so the need for these weekly posts doesn't seem as urgent as they once did. your big moments always warrant a post of their own anyway, so from time to time i'll do this post so as not to forget the little things.

so, this little guy has been...

>>> saying 'ta' when you hand him something. this kinda gets me every time :) also 'goal' when you kick a ball. this is your daddy's favourite. the big word in this little house though is NO. used in context may i add, yeah were not so chuffed about this word ;)

>>> humming and babbling to the tunes of nursery rhymes. i think i prefer your renditions now.

>>> walking, walking and just not stopping. since that day in the museum you have barely crawled. in the last few days you have mastered standing up to walking without any aid (ie. us or furniture!),clever boy! but with walking comes a lot of falling. some are corkers as well but you take them in your stride, i think it is us who is left more traumatised for sure.

>>> saying 'hi' to anyone, and if they don't respond, why you just shout 'hi' louder of course ;)

>>> mostly sleeping through the night. i nearly didn't type this in fear of jinxing it!

>>> a big fan of being chased and chasing back, all the while with the most hilarious, filthy, dirty giggle. just gorgeous, my boy.

>>> a total daddy's boy of late. mama is taking the very grown up approach to this and is not moaning at all...sob, sob, sob ;)

these last few months have been hard in this little house. without you i would have dismissed them and started again fresh in my head, but i love that you make that not an option. as to dismiss those months means i would be dismissing some incredibly special times too. you always remind us of the good. there you go teaching us again when it should be the other way round. for a 15 month old you are turning out to be one wise old man ;)

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