so once we found out we had a little beach baby on our hands we couldn't wait to hit the beach again.

happy baby, happy know how it goes.

with our house packed into the car (can you please tell me why going away for a night or two weeks with a toddler means packing the same amount of stuff?!) we were off.

we arrived in the beautiful village, bamburgh and instantly we were in love. our love grew when the first place we stopped for lunch, the victoria hotel, had a beer garden at the back with the most amazing wendy house filled with toys for caleb to play with. total. score.

this couldn't have been more perfect as the sun was so hot at this point, but we didn't need to worry as we couldn't get caleb out of that house! not even for his lunch, which he insisted on eating at the table in the wendy house.

this guy is killing me at the moment, he keeps catching me off guard by acting like a little grown up. it's the way he does it, all so matter of fact, like yeah mama i'm just pulling up a chair for myself at this here table, did you not know i could do that? eh sandwich please??

so while lord of the wendy house sat having his lunch, we did too :)

with full bellies and a sleepy boy we had a wonder around this little bamburgh, and what a beauty she is...

it was so nice just walking around aimlessly soaking up the views while caleb slept. we talked about everything that had gone on recently, how we both felt. it was good, we needed that.

in our grief we have been quick to snap at each other, the hurt and confusion of it all has taken its toll on both of us. sometimes you just need, 'a life is s*** right now but we've got each other' moment. thank you dear husband.

enough of the wallowing though, so what brought us to bamburgh? ah yes, the beach. cue the beach boys (and girl of course ;)...

then time for a rite of passage for any good beach baby, dig a big ole hole and sit in it of course! :)

not to mention more sea and sand to consume, how you weren't sick my boy still baffles me :/

and as you might have guessed we had a hysterical caleb on our hands when it was time to leave. oh and note to self, dirty nappy change on the beach...never again!

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  1. Yay! So pleased you guys got this time, a richly deserved break. This post made me want to go on holiday- immediately! A real feast for the eyes, beautiful pics. Don't even get me started on Caleb in the wendy house demanding his dinner in there- too cute for words! Much love and hugs xx

    1. thanks ruth :)
      honestly he was hilarious in that house!

  2. We've done beach nappy changes before too-AWFUL!! Leila had sand in her nappy for months after :) Looks like a wonderful little break for you all. Caleb looks like he's having the best time! And your headscarf...too cute!

    1. thank you!
      oh god the beach nappy changes are just the biggest no no hey!

  3. my favourite post of yours by far, looks like a beatiful place, maybe i'll take my family there in the future. lovely photos and that wendy house! oh my xx

    1. ah thank you, cydney.
      can't recommend it enough especially for little ones :)

  4. Love all the photos! Looks amazing and YOU look amazing too. Love the headscarf! haha, loved your comment at the beginning. OMG, same amount of STUFF for two days or two weeks when you have the kiddo in tow! :) You guys are such a cute family. And OH, Caleb is growing up! Handsome little man!


    1. thank you :)
      oh it is so true with the packing hey, i'm pretty sure i had the same amount of stuff you had for mateo for a few months in croatia!! i wish i was joking ;)

  5. wow! would you look at that blue sky! an look at you gorgeous lot! looks absolutely fabulous.

    can i take the opportunity to say that i am really, truly sorry to read your post from the other day. life can be so cruel at times. and i have deleted my post about feeling sorry for myself because of one too many beers. life...perspective...and all that. there is a huge hug for you in this comment too.

    also, swit swoo on the bikini bod!! and dining out with your ma like that?! well jel.