and stop. breathe. relax.

this little house has had the strangest few months. so sad. yet so happy. busy with grief. busy with joy.

i welcomed our busy schedule after everything that has happened, now i'm ready for the pace to slow down. 

for the last couple of weeks i have worked full time with just a saturday off, (saturdays that were filled with plans as well...clever i know ;) as michael is on school holidays so childcare is not an issue. oh my, do i tip my hat to all you ladies who juggle a permanent full time job and your babes. i have been exhausted to the point of weary (thanks teething), and desperately missed caleb. 

today was the first day of what felt like normality. nothing special, just a food shop and soft play, but bloody hell did it feel good.

i have laughed and marvelled at all the little changes in caleb that i've missed while i've been working. watching him as he shouted 'dada' when he got stuck at soft play today (he's never done that before even for me, he would always just shout/grunt/scream ;) made me want to sweep those two boys of mine up in the biggest hug and not let go. 

it's days like today that make me realise we're healing. i feel happy. i feel hopeful.

happy monday everyone and let it be a lovely week to all :)

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