have you ever wanted to completely revamp a room in your house for no other reason than that you just want to?

i really like our bedroom but every so often i get the craving to change it and go with a completely different look. it's the gemini in me.

so when i saw that the lovely annie from mammasaurus was co-judging a debenhams dream bedroom competition with jen from love chic living, i knew my gemini self had to enter. so here it is folks my virtual dream bedroom, and with a £5000 budget dream i could...

1. betty jackson zig zag lamps x 2 £65.00 each

2. teak 'comet' cabinet x2 £270 each

5. ben de lisi white trees bedding kingsize £54.40

6. white pendant lamp £230

8. cube black bed frame kingsize £648

total cost, drum roll please = £2284

(check me, i'm way off my £5000 budget, michael would be impressed! come to think of it though i haven't selected any wardrobes or drawers as we have fitted ones in or bedroom, £5000 is really easy to spend otherwise...scary!)

ah i can but dream...now i'm going to slope off to my measly double bed ;)


  1. It's surprisingly hard to spend £5000 isn't it? Maybe that's the inner frugalista in me.
    Love your choices - that owl door stop is really cute! x