this little house has been hit hard by teething. again. we're now on week two of hardcore teething, we're talking all the molars and four other teeth all fighting to make an appearance at the same time :( caleb has been the most sensitive, teary boy ever. the simplest of things set him off, which means looong days of high emotions. parents included ;)

as the weekend rolled in i breathed a sigh of relief that it would be all hands on deck. after a meltdown of a morning (caleb and myself that is) michael took charge and suggested a trip into to town to distract our little teething mess and to give this mama a bit of retail therapy while the boys hit the play park in princes street gardens.

after a medicinal trip to zara (oh how i love thee) i met the boys in the gardens where caleb took centre stage quite literally...

oh so serious! i swear he was smiling before the click of the camera. 

this little guy couldn't get enough of this stage, well what did we expect with two former actors for parents. god help us ;)

i have to say taking a ball with us wherever we go has been a accidental stroke of genius. it keeps caleb happy and the amount of little friends he makes who want to play ball with him is great. that day it was the cutest three year old, after they sorted out their sharing issues (oh kids!) the game was on.

it was lovely to see caleb his usual social self. teething has made him very clingy and moody lately, not the key ingredients for a social butterfly that's for sure ;) apparently while i'd been at the shops he was in full flirting mode too. atta boy :)

we then headed for lunch at the huxley where we tucked into some amazing food. michael, the roast beef sandwich. me, the cajun spiced crispy shrimp po boy (oh boy!). caleb, a little of both :)

it's always great to find more restaurants that feel 'grown up' but are still child friendly. the staff couldn't have been more accommodating and had caleb grinning from ear to ear. major tick :) 

plus if you sign up to their newsletter you get 30% of your next bill. throw in glasses of prosecco at only £3.50 a pop...girls when are we going??!

with full bellies we went for a walk after lunch before we headed back to the car, and it struck me that autumn is well and truly here. i'm ready for autumn, it's been a tough old summer (with amazing bits too). a summer of goodbyes.

so hello autumn.

this little family is happy you are here and we look forward to all the adventures you hold.

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