while the cats away, it's time for caleb to play!

we certainly weren't the only ones having fun last weekend, whilst we were at our friend's wedding, caleb was living it up in edinburgh with his grandparents.

oh yes those magical beings, grandparents.
also know as...the best things ever/ what the hell would we do without them?/ do you think he likes them more than he likes us??! (don't answer that ;)

at the start of last week we were stressing about how much of a handful caleb might be with his teething. distracting him in the daytime from his pain was one thing but the nights had been just plain hellish. yes, not exactly a selling point when you're in the market for a couple of babysitters ;)

thankfully caleb's teething subsided a couple of days before we left, more to our relief than michael's parents. so we were able to set off no worries, no stress, safe in the knowledge that he would have an absolute ball.

here's a little peek at just some of the fun they had...

i seriously love this last shot. thanks grandma edinburgh!

grandson feedback...slept well, ate well, full of smiles, and they were going to miss him at their's.

could not have been prouder, and that my boy is also a fact.


  1. aww, this is so sweet! Looks like they all had a blast. Well, of course! :) Also, ha, I love that we were living parallel lives. Our little Mateo was hanging out with his grandparents while we were away at our wedding! :)

  2. us grandparents love to have our grandchildren, we get such pleasure out of them, and that shows in the pictures they took. Fabulous memories for them all.

    1. i know, that big smile says it all! grandparent power :)

  3. yes granny helsdown has been a saint! i don't know what i'd do without her, think i'd be in a loony bin right now haha, great post. i think i'll get my mother some flowers to show her i'm ever so grateful :)

  4. He's very lucky - our Grandparents are 200 miles away in Scotland and we're in Manchester! It looks like they all had a great day :)