oh man, these two together. heart. melts.

my mum, sister and nephew, nathan, came up this weekend for a visit, and with only 21 months between the two boys and now both walking (last visit caleb was still just cruising) we were expecting chaos in this little house.

there's been tantrums and tears (of course)

geez a break people we're only one and three years old ;)

but here's the lovely thing...they were all personal tears and tantrums and had nothing to do with each other.

these guys are total boma's (best of mate always-oh yes i am sooo cool and down with the kids ;)

where one would go, the other would follow.
what one would eat, the other would too.
one started dancing, jumping, running, the other one would follow suit.

they refused to dish out kisses to anyone but each other. it was these two take on the world.

not to mention nathan jumping to caleb's defense at a playtime cafe when he was pushed over. hey, that's my caleb. stop that!

like i said. heart. melts.

this has again confirmed for me that no distance matters when it comes to family. these little guys might not get to see each other every week but it has done nothing to diminish the bond they have together. 


  1. My niece is only 9 days older then my boy and they have been best of pals since birth though they do not get to see each other every weekend. Now that they are 7yrs old, either one of them will request for a visit to the other one because, as my son will say "I miss her and I wanna play with her!"

    1. oh i love that! and have a feeling this is exactly how it will be with these two :)

  2. Aww they are both so cute! Loving the matching onesies :)

    1. me too, a little present from grandma liverpool :)

  3. So fun catching up with your blog after my recent laptop disasters! Caleb is so cute-adorable that he gets on so well with his cousin! Looks like your autumn is getting off to a cracking start-hows that matching costume coming along :) ??

    1. yay welcome back to the laptop world!
      ha ha now i really think i need to put my money were my mouth is with this whole matching costumes thing!