there's nothing like a good wedding, especially a best friend's wedding. my lovely miss lisa will become a mrs this friday, and to say i am excited is an understatement.

lisa and i go way back.  

back when lisa didn't own a brush (no joke)
                               or wear blusher.

back when i cut all my hair off after a bad dye job

                               and wore orange blusher
                               (yes orange! it said coral but who was i kidding, it was orange).

back when we would drink anything with wine on the label and take vodka shots from an egg cup not too dissimilar to this one...

i know, i know, the word you are looking for is classy.

god have we laughed over the years, and still do.

i could write all day sharing funny stories.

but i ain't got all day. this bridesmaid has gotta get her pamper on.

what i will share with you though is back in those days, lisa made edinburgh home for me. not claire the girlfriend to michael home, but claire the girl with a life outside her boyfriend home. does that make sense? probably only to me ;) i can't thank her enough for that.

the few friends i had in edinburgh at the time were actors and often our schedules meant we didn't see each other very much. i loved being with michael but in truth i was lonely. i wasn't used to having to rely on my boyfriend's social life in order for me to have one. i 'm a big believer that a good relationship is one where you build a life together but don't always have to live in each others pockets. 

and living in michael's pocket i was.

until one day i got a phone call. it was lisa saying she was back from travelling and looking to move back up to edinburgh, and did i know of anyone who was looking for a flatmate. hell yes i did.

the rest as they say is history.

five years ago (feels like five minutes ago) lisa broke the news to me that she would be moving to leeds for a new job. i acted as any good friend would which was congratulate her and support her decision (okay so i maybe cried and asked her more than once was she absolutely sure ;).

that decision led her to meet her future husband. 

i am so, so proud of you, lisa.

for taking that chance and moving somewhere new, i know how scary it must have been. seeing you happy with your little family now makes missing you a lot easier.

so let the celebrating begin.

lisa loved the hangers i did for my friend so asked me to make one for her wedding dress (total honour) and for the bridesmaids. for lisa's hanger i went for the to have and to hold quote, and for each of the bridesmaids i went with lyrics from bob dylan's 'make you feel my love', which i will be singing on the wedding day (eek!!). wish me luck, it's been a while since i've sang in front of an audience and i'm well aware that caleb doesn't count.

love you lisa!! xxx
like i said...classy :)

*purple puffin is were i got the image of that handsome sheep.


  1. Oh, this is an exciting time for you indeed! You're in for a fun weekend. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person to have in your life.

    And the hangars you made are so nice,

    1. thanks loulou!
      she really is, it was an incredible weekend. i want to do it all over again!!

  2. Eeeeek I hope you had a wonderful day! This post melted my heart, what would we do without solid girlfriends?! I hope your friend had the most amazing day- hopefully there will be pictures?? ;)

    Your hangers are literally awesome as well.

    1. thanks jess!
      it was the best weekend ever. i'd be totally lost without my good friends.
      i didn't take many pics on the day, didn't want to miss it hiding behind a camera. hopefully get my hands on some though :)

  3. taking shots out of that sheep thing is hilarious haha
    and those hangers are awesome!!!

    1. thanks katie!
      classy huh! ah those where the days ha ha :)

  4. That is such a lovely post. Those friends who know everything about us are the best. hope you had fantastic time at the wedding!!

    1. we did! nothing quite like watching good friends get married. such good times!