so september started off with more of a bump than a bang.

on 2nd september it was michael's birthday, a particular highlight in the year for me as it means he can stop going on about being a year younger than's just 3 months god damn it. no one tells you this when you bag yourself a toyboy ;)

the plan was to take my toyboy and our son out for dinner to celebrate, we got as far as sitting down in the restaurant, menu in hand when caleb's temperature completely spiked and he started being sick. that was our cue to get the hell out of there.

in truth i've not been feeling great myself these last few days either. i just feel exhausted all the time, i've been tucked up in bed recently by 9pm and still have the cheek to feel tired at 7am. then with caleb not being well, the nights have been a bit of a nightmare and come the morning all three of us are exhausted and weary. yay just how you want to start your september off ;)

now we are back on track, we salvaged michael's birthday meal out with a post birthday meal in...

i went with this lovely lady's katsu curry, which was a winner with both boys :)

the first sign of caleb being on the mend was him wanting to draw...

now that he doesn't think crayons are a food group he is becoming quite the artist

♥ chubby hands holding crayons ♥

picasso eat your heart out ;) seriously though i can't get enough of his drawings, this little house is going to be plastered with them :)

september, we may have had a tricky start but we are ready for you. you're going to be a busy one with lots of lovely events. bring it on :)


  1. I have that cooking book.... and am yet to use it *hangs head in shame* hehe

    Love the drawings :)

    1. i'm actually terrible for using recipes, definitely more of throw it together and hope for the best gal, but thought i better make the effort seeing as his birthday meal out had been scuppered!

  2. omg...those chubby hands! i can't cope!! glad to hear you're both better xx

    1. thanks hon!
      i know chubby hands are my weakness especially as his roly poly legs have slimmed down with all his running about *sob sob*

  3. Wow, what a nightmare! By law of averages the rest of September should be AMAZING in order to balance out the poor start ;)!

  4. Darling your blog gets funnier and funnier, keep up the good work!!!
    Glad u both are feeling better xxx