after caleb being unwell we were both starting to get major cabin fever, so fighting fit it was time to prison break :) we started our day off with a visit to our favourite place to hang out, the national museum of scotland.

i seriously love this space. it's open and yet full of twists and turns to discover, which to caleb is heaven. it's ridiculously child friendly too with lots of installations encouraging the kids to touch and explore, and explore he did...

my little archaeologist

i managed to get him to sit for eh a whole 5 seconds to eat. eat my pasta that is, not the the pasta on his plate that had been right in front of him. 

another added bonus of a date at the museum is that when your date wants to take a nap you are left in the most beautiful place to explore yourself :)

i left the museum with my napping date to find the sun cracking the flags so decided to take a stroll down to  dynamic earth

the most amazing fudge :)

caleb woke up in time to have some underwater fun at dynamic earth's soft play

it was then time to head home. we had a big event ahead of us that night. oh yes, it was introducing caleb to his first ever disney film (and my all time fave), the little mermaid.

i got cuddles and everything :)

not for long mind, as when he really likes something on the tv he has to stand up and lean on the table to watch it...

oh and yes karma (my friend and her actual real name), of course i sang along (poor caleb!)

and bash (my friend and not her real name ;) you can keep my little mermaid video that you stole all those years ago!! this little house has updated to dvd (finger on the pulse us ;) baby!


  1. sounds like a lush day! and i just love the way he leans on the table to watch the tv - too cute!

  2. Replies
    1. hayley, your girl after my own heart, beauty & the beast is next on the list!

      oh and your little man will be old enough before you know it, how much does time zoom by with a baby?!!

  3. Looks like you two had a great day. I can see why that's your favourite place to hang out. All the hands on stuff looks amazing!

    1. it's so nice to be in such a beautiful space but be able to relax that he's not going to break something or touch something he's not aloud :)

  4. This is SUCH a beautiful building!! Those arches. Seriously.

    Also, Little Mermaid is the best EVER. I'd be standing on the table, never mind leaning Caleb, get in there! :)

    Also, THAT ARMCHAIR. Love.