woo hoo it's friday. it's been a busy week in this little house and a neglected blog to show for it.

michael has been mega busy at work these last few weeks,

i've been busy with a few projects i'm excited about,

and caleb, well he's been making some calls. 

he's in that everything is a phone stage.
building block = phone
magnetic letters = phone
shoe = phone
piece of fruit = phone
and sometimes a phone is just a phone ;)

oh we get our kill listening to him blether away. we're talking full on conversations, and then he'll hand the phone over to you, gotta love me a fake phonecall, takes me back to my acting days (if you've heard of uta hagen you'll definitely know what i'm talking about!)

and it would appear caleb also takes calls whilst he's sleeping. now that my friend, is a dedicated phone user.

there he was fast asleep sandwiched between michael and i, when next minute his hand shot up to his ear and away he went talking. that sweet, delightful, nonsensical chat of his. it was a quick call, ya know, a straight to the point one and then hand (phone;) down. completely hilarious.

do you think maybe a phone cull is needed in this little house much!

so here is to a lovely weekend folks, hope you have fun whatever you are doing :)


  1. glad my son isn't the only one obsessed with talking on the phone. every time mine rings he says 'hi!' it's precious. i can't get enough.

  2. haha that's hilarious, especially when he took that call in his sleep.

  3. After spending time with a lot of younger kids over the past few years, in my family and my friends' kids -- I have to say that the fake phone call is one of the best things ever. It inevitably happens at the most unexpected times and it's always just classic!! ;D The adorable photo just brought on a big smile.

    Kate x