it has rained, rained and rained some more these past few days. with all the good weather we've been having lately i'd actually forgotten we lived in scotland. well it is safe to say we've forgotten no longer ;)

it's interesting to watch cabin fever set in with caleb, he slowly starts to turn into a bit of a lunatic (so gets that from his dad ;) charging round this little house like a bulldozer. so before we were in danger of having no home left i bundled us both into our rain gear and out we went...

caleb was in heaven splashing in the puddles, not just with his feet might i add, yes it appears splashing puddles with your hands is even better according to caleb.

we then started to collect all the different colour leaves we could find, and fallen twigs. caleb was full of oohs and ahhs with his autumn finds.

too. cute.

the rain however was getting so heavy that we had to admit defeat and head back inside, but not without all our new found treasures.

it seemed a waste not to do anything with all these beautiful leaves, which gave me the idea of this simple garland...

we also found a home for this fallen branch...

which brings me to my next little autumn treasures. i'm obsessed with all the mini pumpkins and squashes you can get in the shops just now. there was me all pleased thinking they were the perfect accessory to our leaves and twigs, caleb however had other ideas...

i would like to introduce you to caleb's new best buddies. they've been inseparable all afternoon.

caleb, i really do love you my crazy, crazy boy.


  1. Okay, more than any post...for some reason this really made me wish we were "real life" friends and didn't live a million miles away (I exaggerate). You know we'd be going on little nature adventures with the boys and crafting together (with wine). :) And of course, always appreciate those detail pics of the chubby hands and toes! :)

    1. ah we so would!! i was laughing earlier as when caleb saw your picture of mateo today (that retro cool dude!) he got all excited and starting pointing and talking to the picture. mini bloggy buddies too right there :)

  2. a wonderful age, everything is interesting and new and exciting. I love the garland, a great use for his leaves.

    1. thank you elaine!
      i am loving this age, so much fun :)

  3. Sweet diy...also must thank you too for the sausage fingers and edible toe shots ;)

  4. still crushing on this. LOVE how simple but stunning it is!! totally on my list of things to make. nice work C & C xx