this little house had some time out. the best kind of time out. family time.

i'm talking proper family time as well. in other words, no internet, no social media use (well maybe instagram, because instagram doesn't really count hey), and no picture taking (baaaaaad blogger).

pure, unadulterated family time.

the week started with just me and grandma liverpool in the scottish borders, accompanied by wellies, walking boots, torrential rain, a pack of playing cards, and early nights. 


i'm getting old.

and i love it.

refreshed (we're talking 20 hours sleep in two days, people!) i met my two favourite guys in lancaster to travel the rest of the way to liverpool.

with a special birthday to celebrate and lots of family to see it was a quick and busy few days, and as always not all went to plan. caleb was unwell, which made for a cranky, sleepy, teary boy. this bummed me out a bit (a lot) as my family don't get to have loads of quality time with caleb so these moments feel extra precious to me. i need to get a reality check though, the poor boy is going to get ill sometimes and it can't be helped. my family shook it off as no big deal. he's a baby, he's unwell, he's going to cry. i get that, i do. but it was still a bummer. not a single photograph with my family. yes, that is just how unwell he was. 

thank you, caleb, for being a trouper. you should have been at home with all your comforts but instead you were pulled from pillar to post. these people are pretty special though, so i knew you'd understand.

we're now back on scottish soil, and dare i say it feels good. my husband will be so proud.

one thing i'm learning about myself is i'm becoming more and more of a home bird. there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. being in your own space.

i AM getting old.

oh and that refreshed state of mine?? i'm now ill. hey ho it was good whilst it lasted.

anyway folks it is good to be back. oh and if i ever go missing again, you'll always be able to find me lurking on instagram @thislittlehouse1, because well that's not really social media use, it's just looking at pretty pictures, innit!

i just typed innit. i really am old. and embarrassing.


  1. Baha! I love this and it is so true. I would love 20 hrs sleep in two days and I so need to do a social media blackout and go away somewhere like this. Hope you're feeling better soon x

    1. thank you i'm feeling so much better!
      i can't recommend a few days away enough, the sleep was blissful :)

  2. Family time is always the best way to get refreshed. Hope Caleb is feeling better now!

    1. it totally is hey!
      thank you we're all back on the mend :)

  3. I give myself a social media Time Out every Sunday....again, this doesn't include Instagram! 20 hours of sleep in two days?! Sounds positively blissful...