if you've been following our blog for a while now, you'll know we're big fans of the company, stuck on you. they are the kings of personalised gifts, and i have to say we're a bit crazy in this little house for anything personalised, especially with a name like caleb. yep, it is not the easiest name to find personalised gifts for on the high street.

so for us this is a must shop for this coming christmas, and this my friends is exactly why....

find me something cuter than a toddler in pyjamas.

i'm telling you it can't be done.

cutest. thing. ever

hmmm mama that be my name on my top...

....and my tush!

i adore these personalised pj's. the fit is lovely and and they're super soft too, and seriously that pocket detail on the back?? kills me.

oh and when i say personalised, i mean it to the finest detail. you choose the design, the colour, the font. what's also great is you buy the top and the bottoms separately, perfect if your child doesn't fall under a standard size. (caleb is 19 months old and is wearing size 2 in both, which fit him nicely but still with room to grow)

i grew up with the tradition of new pj's to open up on christmas eve, and it is something i'll definitely be doing for caleb. a tick can go next to that job :)

next up on christmas traditions, everyone needs a stocking.

it's time for caleb to bid goodbye to his baby's 1st christmas stocking (sob) and say hello to this new jumbo stocking (yay)...

i can't wait to fill this with lots of little fun stocking fillers.

caleb, meanwhile was a big fan of the santa graphic and his name.

stuck on you also offer lots of great ideas for stocking fillers too. this mat is perfect for my little man who seems to make a mess wherever he goes these days.

whether it's food, paint, crayons, crafts this mat will protect my dear furniture from it all :)

again, caleb was fascinated by the fact it had his name on it, which i can only see as a good thing for helping him recognise his name in the future.

yes mama, can i help you??

as you can see this really is your one stop shop for anything personalised. there will be no mistaking caleb this christmas that's for sure;)

*this is a sponsored post and i was kindly sent the stuck on you items that are pictured above free of charge. all opinions however are my own. if it's a yay or a nay i will always write honestly :)


  1. Awwww how adorable!!!!

    I LOVE anything personalised!!!


  2. Those pyjamas are so cute!!! I must admit I spend more time choosing William's Christmas and birthday pyjamas than I do his actual outfit for the day. Opening presents in PJ's is a must as far as I'm concerned haha :)

    1. ha ha you can't beat those little guys in pj's hey! sooo just as important if not more so than the actual big day outfit :)

  3. this makes me big time broody for teeny tiny personalised toddler clothes! your boy is the cutest, that hair?! i mean, really. xx

  4. FAB. I love anything personalised and how cute does Caleb look!!

    1. thanks, rachael. i had quite the model and show off on my hands!

  5. Corben is also a tricky one, so stuck on you looks like a perfect site. and those pj's oh my god, so so cute. i can't wait for corben's first christmas now eeeeee :)

    1. ahh first christmas!! so, so special. we had caleb dressed up as santa most of the day, cruel i know but man was he a cute, santa!