pumpkin picking post in november?

well of course because if you've been reading this little blog lately you'll know we're making a bit of a habit of being behind.

in fairness i had every intention of posting this the week of halloween, but when we went pumpkin picking i thought it would be wise to take a camera with no charge. 

yes, i really am clever like that.

lucky for me i had grandma liverpool with us and her fully charged camera. unlucky for her it's took her the best part of a week trying to get these to download onto her computer so she could email them to me. thanks/sorry, grandma liverpool :)

so back to pumpkin picking...

pumpkins to me are the american's halloween. i grew up carving turnips. ever carved a turnip? bloody hard i tell you and god the smell when you lit them. not. pretty.

to me pumpkin picking played like an american movie in my head. autumn (fall, LOVE how it's called fall) sunshine, giggles and laughter, and all that jazz.


freezing cold. raining. my american movie forgot the location was scotland.

a cranky, sooooo not interested 19 month old.

and man, no one told me the stems of pumpkins are like little mini cacti! ouch.

yeah the stuff that movies are made up of ;)

what cracks me up is i love the pictures. pictures really can tell a different story, huh?!

i guess we'll file this under pull your head out of your american movie ass and enjoy the flawed reality. warts and all ;)


  1. you guys are so cute...and oh man, Scotland, you kick our pumpkin patch butt over here in the American Midwest! Gorgeous! Nope, you'd never know it was anything but a glorious afternoon by the pics. :) By the way, phew, I feel better. I have a pumpkin patch post that I have in the works. haha. We're in this catch up together. ;)

    1. yay to being late together!
      oh how a picture can tell a thousand lies ha ha ;)

  2. lovely photos! your hair looks gorgeous too. haha it is funny how distorted a couple of pictures can make things seem. hallowen wasn't all it's cracked up to be for us either! just two shoddy cut-out pumpkins aha xx

    1. thanks, cydney!
      it actually makes me laugh now when i look at these pictures :)

  3. haha, the photographs do look like you are enjoying every bit of it!! I love that we can now go pumpkin picking in the UK though, we seem to be catching up with America with the whole Halloween thing, it even seems to have stalled all the crazy people who put up their Christmas decs so ridiculously early this year. As for the turnips, I don't even buy them to eat anymore, it's like doing a workout trying to cut through one of those things!!

    1. turnips are crazy tough hey!! it must have took us the best part of halloween just to carve the bloody things when we were younger!
      cue the crazy christmas people now....;)

  4. Haha! Love it - especially all the comparison's to American traditions. I'm thinking maybe our pumpkins are a bit different? Because the stems definitely don't have any resemblance to a cactus. I'm trying to envision a turnip jack-o-lantern now - need pictures!

  5. Hi, aww blogging is so fast moving, I have post I wanted to post in Spring and Summer in draft still so your ahead of me ha. It looks wonderful picking your own Pumpkins great pictures, thanks for sharing at the WW blog hop :)

  6. haha, the photographs do look like you are enjoying every bit of it!!