if you know us over here at this little house, you know we're a fan of a garland :)

see are most recent ones here and here.

i knew i wanted to make caleb's advent calendar this year, but wasn't sure what i was going do. i then came across the cutest mini numbered pegs which sealed the deal that it would be an advent garland.

i raided my christmas wrapping box for supplies...

and then i got to work...

1. i cut the brown paper into 24 individual strips.

2. folded in half

3. attached festive washi tape either side to create a pocket

4. personalised each pocket with festive words using the letter rubber stamps.

5. filled each pocket with a chocolate treat.

6. attached a length of bakers twine to the wall and then hung each pocket with a numbered peg.

and ta da...

this was so easy to do and is also a great addition to the christmas decorations in our home too, yay!

december we are ready for you!!! :)


  1. omg! i MIGHT have to pinch this one! love it!

  2. advent garlands are just floating my boat this year. this looks so incredibly cute, love it:)

    1. thanks, cyndey. advent garlands are a great feature hey :)

  3. This looks so pretty! I have been a complete cop out and bought Cadburys calendars for the kiddies along with the traditional nativity fabric ones up in the loft.

    1. don't blame you, if your loft is anything like our garage (we don't have a loft) i wouldn't go in it either!! ;)