okay so i dared to use that word in october.

(i nearly wrote that sentence as, i dared to use the C word. my, how that sentence would have changed the tone of this post!!)

now surely with the end of november drawing near i can bandy it about freely??! no, get that other word out of your head, i mean....

christmas, christmas, christmas!! ;)

yes, christmas has arrived in edinburgh. in all it's european market, ice skating, mulled wine, overpriced rides, glory.

i'm a sucker for all things christmas. yes, i'm one of those annoying people who puts up their tree early.

like the end of this week early.

that's not so bad is it?? come on people, sunday is 1st december after all.

in my defence i have a good friend visiting for an early christmas visit, so i want it to feel festive. who am i kidding though? i'm a christmas loving tree up in november kinda gal.

edinburgh's christmas market has had a face lift this year, which made checking it out all the more fun. first impressions? me likey. got me right in the christmas mood...

we highly recommend the laughing stock stall, they are sausage connoisseurs. i chose a hotdog sausage all the same, as i'm ridiculously classy like that ;) it's safe to say i'll be having another one of those bad boys before christmas is through. 

no pictures of us you may note. 

well that's because mine and michael's faces were smothered in mustard from our hotdogs. attractive i know, and caleb, well that's a whole other post.

it would appear caleb has hit the terrible two's early. he was in an atrocious mood from the offset, and as soon as he couldn't do what he wanted (ie. run out of the park, into crowds, and roads) he lost his s***, and you know that is simply delightful when you are in very public place ;)

caleb tantrum- 10  festive family fun- 0

a medicinal mulled wine helped though ;)


  1. The pictures are really pretty! Tree putting up right at the end of November has got to be acceptable, this is just organised unlike in October which is just odd (in my opinion).

    Welcome to the terrible twos! If Caleb is anything like William he will embrace them whole heartedly. Just tell yourself he is enthusiastic and strong-willed and try to accept that nobody else notices as much as your head is telling you at the time. I've been told they get through it, I'm waiting any day now ;-)

    1. ha ha i like your way of thinking. to be continued....

  2. smothered in mustard? the sign how delicious the food was :)

  3. lovely pictures! oh M and i ended up with mustard on us too when we went to winter wonderland. oh godd, i do not look forward to that tantrums at all, good luck with those! great post as ussual. oh and congrats on your store!!! xx