so why the name, this little house, for our blog? you see as you might have noticed already we don't live in a little house. we don't live in a house at all. we live in an apartment.

yes my lovely friends, that is called edinburgh living for you.

if you are in a house, you are as good as in the money ;)

so why the name then you may wonder? (or not, but hey, let's pretend you have for argument sake. after all this is our little blog and we can pretend whatever we like ;)

the name, this little house, was born from a project i first started not long after caleb was born. that project is actually the image that makes up our blog header above. i decorate small house-shaped shelving with a mix of vintage, modern and unusual papers. they are perfect in a little ones room for storing their little nick-nacks and treasures. or your own of course. they can be mounted onto a wall or freestanding.

i started making them for family and friends and i loved seeing how each one styled them. it made me realise what a unique and personal feature they became in each room with not two peoples the same. the feedback and the interest i received about them was lovely but then of course life happened, and making the little houses grounded to a halt. 

as you may also have noticed (or not, but you know the drill just go with me here ;) just below our blog header in the subtitles you can see that one is, this little shop. pah, this little empty, pathetic shop more like.

well that in the next coming weeks is hopefully going to change and instead of clicking through to coming soon (also known as the most vague promise ever!), you will click through and see my little houses for sale. yay.

i have to admit it's a bit scary putting a product out there that you have made and love, and then expecting other people to part from their hard earned cash for it. the questions, why the hell would they? who's going to care? spring to mind, but with the help of this blog i'm getting over those anxieties.

being creative makes me happy, and makes me want to take a chance and put myself out there. 

so now there's no turning back. it's time to get my butt into gear. my shizzle together.

wish me luck.

i think i'm going to need it with an active toddler, a part-time job, and a wisdom tooth infection. oh yeah did i mention that? oh the pain. like i needed another reason to keep me up at night.

(the above picture is only some of the many different papers that i decorate the houses with, i'm excited to use some of these lovelies on the next batch of houses)


  1. Ohh good luck x
    are you going to sell them through etsy or folksy? or both even?

    1. thank you, rachael!
      through etsy i'm thinking. have you ever sold with them before? all advice welcome :)

  2. Oh my gosh this is so exciting Claire!!!! I can't wait to see them in your shop! Well done lovely lady :) xx

  3. how exciting... good luck. they would make adorable doll houses too

    1. thank you, hena!
      they'd be great for displaying the lovely little dolls and furniture, good idea :)

  4. Amazing - I absolutely love following your blog! <3 So much inspiration.