last week pretty much kicked our butt.

we had an appointment that didn't go exactly to plan.

my wisdom tooth that is taking it's sweet time to come through decided to get infected. yes, a whole world of pain right there.

and caleb, well caleb caught himself a lovely virus. a virus that decided to kick in at 5am friday morning. just in time for the weekend :(

we were about to write off our weekend, but caleb bucked up loads on the saturday afternoon, so we decided to have a little family walk around town.

i love nothing better than wrapping up warm and walking in the cold, autumn sun. throw in a hazelnut coffee, and you've got a very happy girl on your hands. especially when my walking buddies are these two...

the park was filled with caleb's shrieks and giggles chasing his daddy. a sight and sound i know i will never get enough of.

my turn to now chase after the little tinker. that is what i love most about weekends, tag team parenting. one gets to catch their breath while the other runs around like a loony, and then of course there are the times were we are all running around like loonies ;)

oh hello, handsome :)

so now it's monday, and there are no monday blues here. caleb virus...gone! my wisdom tooth infection...gone (please god stay that way)!

this week is to be a busy and productive one. that is the plan at least ;)

have a lovely week everyone :)


  1. What a gorgeous park you have to frolic in! I'm glad both you and Caleb were feeling well enough to enjoy the lovely day.

    1. thanks, loulou!
      that park is particularly beautiful just now :)

  2. Isn't your husband looking dapper in his winter wear ;)
    (I'm not sure it's cool to use the word dapper anymore but who cares I'm using it anyway).

    1. oh my husband was LOVING this comment ha ha.
      i'm with you, lets's bring dapper back!!

  3. Ah looks like the best weekend! You know, that is my ideal weekend too. Sunshine, clear skies, hot coffee, warm coats and a big park. And my loves. And then coming home to a hot roast and cuddles under blankets. LOVE autumn and winter! Your pictures make me wish it was Friday night so much! Hope you're all having a better week with no nasty infections!

    1. roll on the weekends hey ;)
      i've loved autumn so much this year, winter you've got some competition!!