thank you, thank you for all your lovely messages over the last couple of days.

yes we're pregnant!! man, does it feel good to say it out loud. to put it out there.

it's been a heavy secret to keep.

the morning (pah all day!)sickness has been killer.

the joy has been overwhelming, but so has the anxiety.

will everything be okay this time? how will we cope if it's not??

have been the questions rolling on repeat in our minds.

so here we are at 16 weeks, and it feels good. the sickness is all but gone, and instead in its place is a roaring appetite even i'm finding hard to keep up with (and that is saying something), but hey, i'm up for the challenge ;)

the anxiety? it's still there. like an unwelcome guest lingering in the background. i'm learning to ignore it now, i will not have it steal away the joy of this pregnancy. i just won't.

anyway, anxiety is getting its butt kicked by a new kid in town. yes my friends, i'd like to introduce you to....pregnancy hormones, and man are they crazzzzy! my two poor boys ;)

i have to finish up by saying thank you again, to everyone. your support has meant so much to us this year. i'm going to stop there before i'm a sobbing mess all over my laptop. i kid you not. i just want you to know how much it means.

now what can i have for dupper (in between dinner and supper, duh!;)???


  1. Dupper! My new favourite word!! Lovely post, lovely news- has been wonderful to read about bruv xx

  2. I have been nervous all the way through this pregnancy too. It does get easier once you can feel them kicking away inside though! My wee boy is definitely practicing his kick boxing in there now! I still haven't bought anything though. Got another scan at 28 weeks so if everything is OK then, then I guess we'll have to get organised!! Congratulations again, so happy for you guys x

    1. such a happy and stressful time hey. that's great you have another scan to go.
      enjoy your christmas with your boys, and i hope you start to relax more too x

  3. i haven't had a chance to say congrats, as i've been so busy at this time of year! only just getting round to reading blog posts but saw yours the other day. so CONGRATULATIONS! i'm sure you and your little bump will be perfectly just stay postive and eat all the cake and any food you can get your hands on :) xxxxx