'tis the season for much merriment with family and friends, to consume as much seasonal food as possible (chocolate is seasonal right?!), and to act more like a toddler than your actual toddler when surrounded by all the christmas lights and paraphernalia.

aside from a bout of the vomiting bug (for me and caleb) it has been a glorious, busy december so far.

so what's been happening...

well, this pregnancy is kicking my butt in the tired stakes. i'm tired ALL the time, but i'm happy.

when you're tired one thing you notice is you simplify, go back to basics. i've been less in a hurry to document this month with my camera and more inclined to just enjoy it. to be selfish and soak those moments up just for myself. that's not to say i haven't caught a few moments along the way, of course...

the month kicked off with these two lovely ladies, grandma liverpool and her best friend, visiting us.

what a laugh we had, as you can see from these out takes. 

this handsome fella treated me to a little christmas date, while grandma liverpool was up to watch caleb. it was such a special, special night, where he surprised me with my christmas gift early, but that's another post ;)

does anyone else find christmas trees hypnotic?? i swear i lose minutes, hours, days, staring at our tree. each decoration has been collected over time. each one holding a special memory. staring at it across the couch is like taking a little walk down memory lane, and i love that. there are many a happy memory hung on that dear tree.

edinburgh has a christmas tree maze this year. man, is it good, and at night pretty darn magical.

i've never seen caleb so excited or as quick on his feet. he turned the corners a little too fast for our liking which meant a lot of running around by all.

you finish the maze by finding the elf's workshop, where caleb was given a little toy. such fun, cannot recommend it enough for your little ones if you live in edinburgh or near.

my dear friend, helen treated us to a christmas visit. such a lovely few days indulging in all things christmassy. helen is a BIG fan of christmas, like play christmas music in july fan. yes, july. this makes spending some christmas time with helen all the more fun.

oh this little guy has been so much fun this month. his randomness never fails to make me smile and i swear the kid grows cuter by the day (biased much!).

i hope you are all having a very merry december so far. can you believe christmas is just a few days away?!

ahhhh i'm so excited. in many ways this feels like caleb's first christmas, as he is much more aware. i can't wait to celebrate this christmas as a family, this one will be a little bit extra special as it will be our last as three. wow, a fact i am still fully getting my head around.


  1. Awww wow, Edinburgh looks amazing at Christmas!!

    It sounds like a lovely festive month you've had :) x


    1. thanks, hayley, it's been lovely.
      hope you enjoyed your first christmas with your little man :)