25 weeks. Just two weeks away from the third trimester! Craziness.

Everything I've heard about second and subsequent pregnancies is true. Although obviously each pregnancy is just as special, it is never quite like your first. 

Your first is the most indulgent of pregnancies.

Never mind counting in weeks, you as good as count in days.

Everything is recorded in your mind down to the tiniest of details.

You take all your pregnancy vitamins bang on the time every day and lather yourself in anti-stretch mark cream like it's going out of fashion.

Or at least I did ;)

This time around, apart from dealing with a lot of anxiety in the first trimester, I feel like I've not given this poor baby a second thought.

Recording every little detail? I'm just happy if I attend my midwife appointments!!

Pregnancy vitamins?? When I remember :/ (Don't worry little one, I'm eating more than enough ;)

....and anti stretch mark cream?? You're kidding right?! I'm lucky if I get time to have a shower these days.

I've been so busy running around after Caleb it's like the second trimester has passed me by. A blessing, you could argue, but it's made me stop and want to really savour this final trimester.

So that is exactly what I'm going to do.

Savour the just you and me feeling.

Before I'll have to share you with the rest of our world.

We are closer than close can be right now. A togetherness thats is so unique it still takes my breath away, and is just as special this time around as before.

I love you my baby bump, what I might lack in time and body lotion ;), I certainly do not lack in love for you.


  1. Almost to the third trimester already??!?!?! Your pregnancy is FLYING BY! For me at least ;)

  2. Oh how lovely! Love the pictures! Love your blog! :)

  3. Cute photos and I only imagine what pregnancy second time around with a toddler in tow is like. Certainly not indulgent though I can imagine!

  4. This is really so sweet, Claire! I agree the second pregnancy is not quite a grand affair. And introducing the baby into the world, though quite special, isn't as mind blowing. You've done it all before. Now it's more natural. Special, yes. New and exciting, maybe lacking in that department. It took me some time to come to terms with that notion, wanting so desperately to feel that electric spark of new momdom again. Instead things are hectic and crazy and you end up lugging your baby around almost as an accessory while you dote on your just-as-needy toddler. Enjoy every little moment during the rare quiet with your new baby that you can possible muster. If you thought the baby months with Caleb was fast, hold on!!! The ride with the second is a whole lot faster.

    1. Ah Angie, I can totally imagine how the time will zoom by with two! I just have visions of me hauling this poor baby around while chasing after Caleb ;)