Caleb adores freedom. Well he is half Scottish, I blame Braveheart ;)

I joke. It is a quality in him I love. His need to explore. Leaving my side (by a mile) with such confidence. Rarely looking over his shoulder. He is his own man. His own leader.

It is my job however to keep him safe. Encourage the exploring but help him understand the importance of listening to his mama. No easy feat, this last month has proven. But together we are both learning. Him, to listen. Me, to trust.

Last week we went to the zoo as it's a place I know I can comfortably let him wonder freely. So he led and I followed, and I pretty much had the happiest boy in town. I'm hoping in time he will learn to understand and appreciate his freedom.

The zoo, a wander free zone.

The centre of town, a mama holding hands situation.

We'll get there, together.

A final farewell to the penguins involved a smooch up against the glass. Of course ;)