I just want to thank each and every one of you for your response to yesterday's post. You've no idea how much that meant to me. Not one word of judgement. Only understanding and support.

To not feel alone in this, is so important. To have another person say, 'I get it.', 'me too', 'oh tell me about it', are like a lifeboat to a sinking ship. 

If anyone else is going through something similar and is struggling, my biggest advice to you is to just talk. Say it out loud. I promise the words don't sound as bad out in the open as they do in your own head.

It's okay to say, I'm struggling.

It's okay to say, I'm not enjoying this right now.

It's okay to cry.

You're not showing a sign of weakness. You're showing a sign of strength. The strength to improve your situation, and come out the other side.

Remember, life is good, but that doesn't mean it's always easy.


  1. Claire, you are such a source of light and inspiration. Keep it up, mama!

  2. I love love love love your honestly, always. xoxo

  3. Just caught up with your last post and oh my god - so many chords struck!

    I've felt exactly this way with John recently, particularly over Christmas time. And of course I've now got David to look after too. I think everyone (even myself) thought it could have been PND but deep down I knew I was fine, just struggling to deal with John and his behaviour. It's like I told our Health Visitor; "When you're pregnant, you read all the stuff on how to look after a baby but it's like you forget that they grow into a toddler. And when they do, you're clueless on how to deal with them."
    Thankfully we're very lucky to have such great Health Visitors and a visit from our local Nursery Nurse was arranged to help me out. We still have tough days (in fact, the majority are probably classed as tough) but I just need to remind myself that he's not going out of his way to make things difficult - it's all a learning process & he'll soon be past it.

    But this motherhood malarkey is tough. Never have I been able to love someone so much & within seconds, hate them just as much. And at times you feel so lonely, yet all you want is to be alone! Counting down the minutes until bedtime and then within minutes wishing they were awake for a cuddle. Certainly an emotional roller coaster.