I can't quite believe it's been nearly a year since we first decided to pack the car up and head out to Bamburgh for a mini break. It was a break that was a turning point for us after our miscarriage, and for that reason it really has held a special place in our hearts. So we've decided to make it a yearly trip, and what a difference a year makes!

Last year we went there with delicate hearts, rejoicing the fact we had a beautiful, happy and healthy boy, but also feeling the acute pain of loss.

This year we visit Bamburgh as a family of four. I cannot tell you how incredibly lucky and blessed we feel.

We decided this time to stay at The Victoria Hotel, after Caleb had been so taken with the wendy house when we had stopped there for for lunch last year, and it did not disappoint. I cannot recommend this hotel enough if you have kids. The hotel and its staff are really child-friendly, even providing cot beds free of charge for little ones, and the food is just as good as we remembered :)

Once again Caleb insisted on his lunch in the wendy house, clearly he felt his chips needed cooked a little more ;)

Hello, tomato sauce face!

Little dreamboat chilling in the shade ♥

Bamburgh is just as beautiful as we remembered, if not more so.

Oh these two, they really have my heart the way they love on each other. Sometimes I can't decide who's the biggest kid out of them and I love that. Most of the time ;)

Caleb trying to sample Daddy's beer :P

Mama's juice :) :) :)

I have to say on this break all our dining experiences with Caleb and Archie were fantastic. Michael and I have never shied away from eating out as a family as we have always loved going to restaurants, but that's not to say it's always been enjoyable. Toddlers and restaurants can be a tricky combo, but for whatever reason, maybe Caleb getting a little older, he was a dream dining partner this holiday. Let's hope it continues!

You can find our first trip to Bamburgh here.

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  1. Beautiful photos Claire, I remember reading about the last trip you guys had here, what a difference a year makes. I think your boys are going to have some very fond memories of their family trips to Bamburgh. :)