Words can not describe the pride I felt for that husband of mine as I watched him carry the baton for the Commonwealth Games. A honour bestowed upon people for their outstanding work in the community.

For Michael that is bringing sports to young children. Inspiring them to learn new skills, to build their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Which is so much more than just sport itself.

I know what a good job, Michael does, but to watch others celebrate just how hard he works completely warms my heart. Seeing all the children cheer him on the side lines brought tears to my eyes. Yep, I was 'that' wife! But hey we're talking just weeks after the birth of Archie, I was always going be an emotional mess, right?! ;)

June 2014, forever will be an amazing month in our lives to remember.

Let the games begin...

Caleb made sure he had the best view to see his Daddy. Thanks, Uncle Liam ;)

Passing the baton on :)

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