You guys, we survived our first family holiday abroad!!!!

Yes that's right, we packed ourselves, our two year old and eight week old and boarded a flight to Portugal. Are we crazy you may ask? Well, yes, but this is a little crazy even for us. The holiday was actually booked before we even fell pregnant. We thought about cancelling but were swayed by the fact it was with Michael's family and we knew the extra hands would make it achievable, hell maybe even enjoyable. 

I am happy to report we were 100% correct.

The flights (the part I was most nervous about) turned out to be a dream. We made a flight goodie bag for Caleb, an idea from my travelling Instagram mama friends, which went down a storm with him. Every time he became restless we pulled out yet another treat from his bag, it would appear we're doubling up as magicians as well as parents these days ;). Though seriously, I cannot recommend this idea enough for a travelling toddler. We filled Caleb's goodie bag with his favourite food treats, a Thomas the Tank magazine (Tom is the bomb in our house currently), a colouring book, a sticker book and a few cheap small toys. Archie boy was a champ and slept the whole way. My numb arm can testify to that.

So flight over, now was time to hollllllllliday!!! Or not, as it felt in the first few (tricky) days. Poor Archie went on a feeding frenzy which then of course meant poor me, and Caleb had a mean case of the no naps and late nights combo, which all will know leads to a delightful toddler :/

But once we got over those first few days, we all started to relax and enjoy a much needed break, oh and sun, glorious, glorious sun!!

The boys did amazing in the heat, it actually chilled Caleb out a ton and induced two daily naps. Yes, I am currently looking into emigrating to some exotic hot location. That's not extreme behaviour from a tired mama, right?! Also talking of naps, the boys pretty much napped at the same time!!! Now that is something I definitely hope we brought home with us, along with the mountain of washing ;)

Happy holidays, happy days, and like with any good holiday I've come home feeling refreshed. I've also had time to think about this poor neglected blog of mine whilst I was away too. The demands and tiredness of being a mama of two has left little room for anything else let alone blogging. I actually toyed with the idea to stop blogging altogether. I'm an all or nothing kinda girl and I feel if I can't do this space justice then I shouldn't really do it at all.

But then I asked myself, why did I start blogging in the first place?

The answer...

To document our life as a family, but also for me to have a creative space. A space that although centred around my family is a place just for me. I need that, probably now more than ever. So I'm sticking around, folks. I hope you don't mind. I can't promise anything past baby brain babbling, pretty much business as usual then ;)


  1. Well done you! It's always tough taking little ones abroad, but with the coping mechanisms that you set in place it seems that it really paid off for you, and believe me, it is great having kids that travel well!

  2. yay to napping kids, sunshine holidays and more blogging! X

  3. I may or may not have skipped to the end of this post just to find out if you were going to carry on blogging (before obviously going back to read from the start!).

    Glad you're sticking around. There's days that blogging with two seems impossible. But then there's days that it feels like my only outlet - for that reason, I keep it going!

    Looks like you had a fab holiday too. I'm jealous you braved it, and think you're absolutely crackers, all at once! xo