Well bliggity blog, that's our blog over a year and a half old now. What started as a way to keep my side of the family updated on Caleb has became so much more for me. It has become my creative outlet, my place to vent, to figure out this amazing and tricky journey that is motherhood, not to mention put me in touch with some amazing people. I don't think when I pressed publish on my very first post that I realised just what a good thing this would be for me.

So a year and a half in, our family is now a four, and my love of documenting our journey is still going strong. There was a moment back there just after Archie was born were I thought about bidding this little space farewell. I just didn't have the time nor the head space to sit down and write, so I didn't, and guess what? I missed it. Turns out a little brain exercise that does not include drool, spit up and nappies is rather good for my soul ;)

For now we're here to stay in the land of blog, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my ramblings ;). Alongside my usual baby brain ramblings  I've got exciting plans for this little space of ours too. As this blog has grown, so have I, and although the direction of our blog will always, always be about us as a family and how we tackle life as a four, we will also be collaborating with some handpicked (by us) companies and brands. Rest assure we will not become a blog all about product reviews, but from time to time there will be posts that we think are a great fit for our family and lifestyle. Trust everything you read here will always be our honest opinion, whether that be good or bad.

With that said, I feel truly thankful I have this little corner of the internet, I swear it has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. Here's to lots more sanity saving in the future, and I hope you will all continue to join us on this crazy journey called, a life as a family of four ;)


  1. I am all the way in Pennsylvania USA but somehow found not only ur blog but a new friend! It doesn't matter what u post....ur family posts will always be my favorite! I love hearing about ur daily events as a family of four! Because if we all really think about it.....nothing else in this whole world matters or is important as those little faces we are so blessed to see everyday! Haha no matter how challenging those days may seem to be! Happy Anniversary and so Happy to have met u my dear friend miles away....-Julie-

    1. Julie, it truly is an absolute pleasure to have 'met' you. You're such a positive force and energy here and I always love reading what you've wrote. Very, very happy to call you a dear friend x

  2. I can't believe you're only a year and a half old! Keep going :)

  3. Congratulations Claire! Excited for you to be collaborating 😆 I look forward to seeing which brands you choose.

    Keep going strong - we enjoy it!