I've shopped online for years, it used to be when I couldn't get an item in store I would then search in hope on the net. Now however, online shopping is my MAIN way of shopping. Yep, turns out toddlers ain't the biggest fans of retail therapy, throw a baby into the mix and forget about it ;)

So most of my shopping happens from the comfort of my own couch, coffee in hand, debit card in the other, oh and Archie attached to my boob. You know how it goes ;)

In actual fact, online shopping has spurred the bargain hunter in me once more (I was an avid thrifter in my pre-kids days) as it's now so easy to find the products you love at the best possible prices. Although, I am still an old fashioned shopper at heart and do get weary of purchasing from sites I'm not familiar with when it comes to the big purchases. Therefore, I like to stick with the well established companies, especially those that offer a price match, one such site is, Babydino.com. It has everything from pushchairs, to nursery furniture, toys, bedding, and the list goes on. All your baby needs under one roof and the knowledge that they will match the most competitive prices out there. As a customer I really like that. We are flooded nowadays with so many online shops and retailers it gets overwhelming. Give me a site where I feel like a valued customer and where I know I'm getting the best price possible and I'll keep coming back.

I mentioned above they sold prams too. Boy, oh boy, do I wish I knew about this site back when we pram shopped for Caleb. We didn't plan to have two babies so close together so didn't give any of the strollers that could be converted into a double a second glance, it seemed nonsensical to us. Who's laughing now :/

At Babydino, if you purchase your stroller with them and your circumstances change or you no longer need your pram anymore they offer a buy back service. How good is that?! You can read more about that here. I think this is a cracking idea and is something we absolutely would have used. Team that with the price match promise and I really think this is the go to site for your pushchair. They've got all the big brands not to mention the new Babyzen Yoyo pushchair. Have you heard of Babyzen?

Okay, I'm a little excited by this brand and keep talking to my mama friends about it. I've got my eye on it for when Caleb well and truly ditches the pram and it's just Archie to push around. It's a pushchair, that wait for it, can be folded down, has a strap and can be carried on your shoulder!!!

A pram bag, now that is the stuff of pram dreams right there.

I can just see it making city life and travelling near and far so much easier, it's also small enough to be stored in most overhead cabin compartments on flights. No waiting to get your stroller at baggage control. Can you tell I'm all for baby products that make life so much easier?! ;) Oh and it looks good to, yep, you know me, I like a nice looking stroller ;)

If you're purchasing this stroller for a newborn than Babyzen Yoyo 0+ is suitable from birth and includes a newborn nest for your little one to snuggle in. I find this particularly amazing that such a lightweight and compact pram can offer the comfort and support for a newborn, it really does make it the ultimate city pram. Once you're baby is 6 months plus you can purchase the seat base and colour pack separately to convert it into a pram to see your baby through to the toddler years. If you're baby is 6 months upwards already then the Babyzen Yoyo is the one you want and you can read more here about that particular model.

That's the wondrous thing about online, you get to hear about all the new products that are out or due to come out, and for me that's thanks to blogging and my babies no longer allowing me to shop on the high street ;)

If like myself you've always got your eyes peeled for the next big thing in baby products you can like Babydino's facebook page here to keep you updated.

I mean when there is a pram bag out there, what is next?! ;)

Thanks to a little distraction known as Caleb and Archie my online shopping never gets out of hand ;)


  1. Hi Claire, fellow online shopper!
    How have I never come across Babydino before now!? What a great site.
    And Babyzen and that pram bag haha, well I never....my mind is blown (it's not hard, I don't get out much!).
    Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming ;)
    Amy xx

    1. Thank you, Amy!! Oh I'm joining you with the mind blown. Hmmm maybe we do need to get out more ;)