Oh yes, chickenpox came to town and decided to grace us with it's presence. Arguably, a really good thing, as now that's both boys had it, and had it young. I got it at thirteen years old, and let me tell you, it was not pretty and I still have vivid memories of just how uncomfortable it was.

The lifesaver in this story though is my mum. She was up for a visit and arrived expecting a fun filled week with her grandsons and instead was greeted by a gazillion spots. Mostly on Caleb, Archie sailed through with just four spots. It would appear Caleb took one (million spots) for the team ;). Turns out her visit couldn't have been better timed. Taking care of two poorly boys was made soooo much easier by having her there. She cheered them up no end and kept me sane throughout. Thank you, Grandma!!

So it's back to business as usual this week. Which means interacting with the general public, yay!!! Can you tell that cabin fever was a problem last week?! ;) Here is to a germ free household. Well as germ free as a household can be when you've got a toddler around!

I need to tell you about the sweetness behind this above photograph.

Caleb is all for giving cuddles to Archie, but he's a bit of a run and go hugger. This is just before they both got ill and Caleb requested his usual cuddle from Archie, that went on to last twenty minutes!! I just sat there in awe, it's truly a privlege to watch their love grow for one another.

It's one of those moments that you bank, you know, when motherhood is kicking your ass and you're having a bad day. Moments like this remind you that you're doing a good job.


  1. Aw cute photo.

    C pox has been here too - for the second time. N had 5 spots last time, and this time has had around 15 - I'm hoping that's enough to stop him getting it again! Hope your 2 didn't suffer too much. Handy you got them both at the same time. And yes cabin fever is horrendous. I'm back to work tomorrow as N's last 2 spots should have gone by then (his didn't get big enough to blister, so bit hard to tell when it's over).

    1. Oh the joys of chickenpox, huh :/ Hope that's it over for your little one, and you ;). Archie wasn't covered in spots either so I can't help thinking he might possibly get it again in the future. Fingers crossed not!!!!