Gahhh can we just talk about this little pudding of mine for a minute?! How on earth is he nearly five months old?! I really need to stop calling him a newborn now, right?! Okay, I will. A little begrudgingly, I admit. That stage is officially gone. Cue the little personality stage though, which sure as hell takes the sting out of leaving newborness (totally a word!) behind ;)

Along with saying goodbye to the newborn stage, alas we do to all his newborn clothes too. If you're picturing me folding small onesies whilst crying into them, you'd be about right ;). Archie is such a lucky wee fella and was spoilt rotten by all our lovely family and friends, and let's not forget the big brother hand me downs, so dressing him was all taken care for us. Now though, as we enter this new stage we do so with a limited wardrobe, especially as my boy is one seriously lonnnnnng baby, it's time for mama to do the shopping. Clothes shopping, you say? Yet another reason why leaving the newborn stage ain't so bad ;) 

As with my own wardrobe, I'm scaling back big time. I want all our wardrobes to fit in with our lifestyle, which for me needs to be quick, easy and fun. Quality over quantity, for sure. It's only taken me the grand old age of 33 to learn that very valuable fashion lesson. So I was really excited when I stumbled across this darling brand, Piupia. Claudia, a mama herself, is the designer and owner of this gorgeous brand. I'm really drawn to brands that have been started by mothers. I champion them for finding a career that not only fits around their family but is made better because of it. Her focus was to make beautiful and playful clothes, that are kinder to our environment and our babies sensitive skin. You can read more about Piupia's story here.

I just adore the mint green onesie, it feels super soft and boy, is a onesie a life saver when you're dressing two little ones. An easy wardrobe grab, and bam, the most delicious looking baby. Don't even get me started on the booties, they are sooooo making up for my saying goodbye to Archie's newborn baby vests. I don't know why but newborn vests just turn me into a quivering hormonal mess they are that darn cute, it would appear booties do too ;)

Piupia are giving all you lovely readers from now until 18th October 2014, 20% OFF their entire range!! I'm already swooning at the above bodysuits and leggings. They could not be more perfect for the winter mouths ahead. It's easy peasy, just click over to Piupia here, fill your cart and then enter THISLITTLEHOUSE20 at the check out. 

Now I'm off to deal with my current dispute with the husband. He wants to know why I'm vacuum packing all the newborn clothes.

'We're not having anymore babies, you do realise that?!', he says.

We'll see, Michael. We'll see ;)


  1. What a precious little angel face! I had to read the paragraph of being 5 months can that be? In a blink of an eye....and I couldn't help but giggle with ur last line....that's right...never say never ;) -Julie-

    1. I know!!! Where did those 5 months go!!?!!
      Ha ha and you're so right, never say never ;) xx

  2. HOW adorable! They are so easy, I wish we could wear onesies and look that cute! haha!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love | Mummy, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh, me too! Imagine all the time we'd save getting dressed in the morning too ;) xx