Where does the time go? Over 8 months old and growing bigger by the day.

The lovely people over at Marks and Spencer asked us to share how we announced our pregnancy with Archie, and the question could not have come at a more perfect time seeing as I've been feeling pretty nostalgic these last few weeks, knowing that soon Archie will be 9 months old. Like, seriously, whaaat?! He will have been with us the exact amount of time that I carried him inside me. Our baby boy.

I knew straight away I was pregnant, days before my period was even due. I just felt, different. I also knew that this baby was strong, at the time I pushed that feeling to the back of my mind, not wanting myself to fall in love with this baby too much after suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year. But who was I kidding? I was in love already, head over heels in love from the minute that I felt, different.

The weeks that then followed were agonising. Waiting for that 12 weeks scan felt like an eternity. I tried my best to stay positive and upbeat but I just couldn't rest until I saw Archie dancing on that screen with a heartbeat so strong.

We told close family and a few friends we were expecting before we had the scan, as their love and support in those tentative weeks helped us immensely, and then after the scan we actually questioned whether we should tell anyone else. Should we maybe wait until the 20 week scan?

That's when I realised I didn't want to spend this entire pregnancy worrying if I might lose the baby. I wanted to celebrate this pregnancy. Being pregnant has got to be one of the truly most incredible experiences of my life. Yes, it's damn scary, but my goodness is it beautiful. I didn't want fear to take away that joy. I wanted to embrace the happiness I felt, this little life growing inside of me, and I wanted to share our news in a happy way. So once all of those close to us knew, we decided to have a little fun with announcing here on the blog. For those who have been with us a while, you may remember the post, you can read the full version here.

I have to tell you, announcing our pregnancy this way was good for the soul. My worry was replaced with the excitement and the sweet, sweet anticipation of meeting this new baby of ours. Also having others share our joy reminded me how truly lucky we were to have this baby and all the support around us.

My advice to others sharing their big news? I can only recommend when sharing this news, do it how the hell you like. If you want to scream it from the roof tops then go for it, scream as loud as you can. If you'd prefer to keep it quiet, than absolutely. This is your pregnancy, and although you may not have control over how your pregnancy goes, how you tell people is one thing you have complete control over. Do what makes you happy, for what a special and happy time it is to have a little bebe growing inside you stronger everyday.

Another thing I initially didn't let myself do was buy anything early on in my pregnancy with Archie, like if I did I was tempting fate or something. In time this went away, thank goodness, because let's be honest planning and buying for a new baby is the BEST thing ever. Don't even get me started on newborn onesies I may well just cry.

Marks and Spencer has currently just launched M&S baby, it has everything you could possibly need for a newborn under one roof, including lots of inspiration for your little ones nursery too. Oh it seems like just yesterday I was at this stage.

There are so many beautiful items, whether you know the sex of your baby or not, and if you keep your eyes peeled M&S will be running a twitter competition soon giving you the chance to win £1000 for your baby's nursery!

Gahh, reminiscing and writing this post makes me wonder whether there may be a baby number three for us. I always said I would only have two but......ahhh well I guess that is another post entirely, and probably a chat with my husband :p


  1. Awww Claire I love this post and the opportunity to walk down memory lane with you! It brought back happy memories of my three pregnancies also, thank you for that! I agree on how magical those months are when you are God's special helper growing baby. I will definatey check out that sweet site! Your announcements were so creative! - Julie-

    1. Thank you, Julie! These babies of ours grow so quick it's good to take a beat and remember where it all began. Oh and Marks and Spencer is a British Institution here, I remember as a little girl having the most gorgeous dress from there! It's great to see they're still going so strong.