So how does life work with two little's under three?

The honest answer...

Some days it does.

Some days it doesn't.

The days when you feel like you're winning makes life sweeter than sweet. Dressed before noon, naps taken, food on the table, washing hung and dried, not to mention getting to drink HOT coffee, yep, that's right, not lukewarm, not cold, but hot! Oh those are the good days, when I feel like I can wear that mama badge with pride. When I feel like I've got this.

Then there are the other days. When the naps are refused, the food comes out of a packet or a box, our underwear and socks may be clean but the rest is questionable :/, and coffee is not enjoyed but downed like my life depended on it. 

My husband can come home to either a scene of serenity or downright chaos. I've often wondered whether he listens at the door to determine exactly what he's about to walk into.

But no matter what day we're having, even if all three of us have been reduced to tears at various points in the day, you can guarantee there has been plenty of laughs, cuddles and smiles, and isn't that what it is really all about? 

After all a bad day does not a bad mother make.

Within everyday there will be the little BIG moments, that let you know you are doing more than okay. That you are actually doing a pretty kick ass job at this mothering malarkey. For all that matters is you love and are loved, and sometimes, just sometimes you get to drink hot coffee ;)

Oh and if you're really lucky your child may even share his jelly sweets with you! As Archie fed, Caleb slipped jelly rings on my fingers and planted the sweetest slobbery kisses on my lips. Pure love right there. 

The little BIG moments.


  1. you're looking radiant. love your honesty in this post :) glad you're all well x

    1. Thank you, lovely. I adore Caleb's face in these pics, so happy and his usual cheeky self ;)
      Hope you and your lovely fam are well xx

  2. I love these little big moment posts Claire! They really do capture those precious moments in parenthood. Although I only have one little guy to take care of at the moment, I can completely identify with what you've written - particularly the bit about hot coffee! Beautiful pictures, and I like Caleb's "Never too old to need my mum top". So true! x

    1. Oh thank you, Kathryn. Time lately just seems to be flying by, and it's so easy to get caught up in only celebrating the big moments, and it made me just want to pull focus onto the little ones, which are equally (if not more so) important. What do you think my chances are of getting Caleb to wear that top for, eh like, EVER?!! ;)