Oh hey blog, remember me? I'm that person who said I was going to update you more.

I know, I know. I'm all talk.

You see the thing is, I've got two kids. Which currently makes me feel like Cru from Despicable Me, with a million minions. I swear when I'm not looking they have a party behind my back and invite their friends because I just cannot comprehend how two so little could create so much mess in all of three nano seconds. Oh and don't get me started on washing. I have the wash bag of a thousand men, who all wear at least two pairs of socks a day it would appear.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning. Okay well maybe I am just a little. Life is good, in that I'm exhausted and at times I want to pull my own hair out but also never have I been happier kind of way. You know the sort ;)

There however, just doesn't seem to be enough minutes in the day. Gone are the days of plonking my butt on the couch at 7.30 pm whiling away the time writing and editing pictures, I'm lucky if my backside sees the couch before 9 pm these days, and when it does, oh does it hit it hard. Like Keeping Up With Kardashians and Geordie Shore hard. Yes, I choose watching Geordie boozy bust ups over opening up my laptop. There I said it. Now you know the truth.

But like always, when I neglect you, poor blog, I miss you. You're my little space, which okay yes is about my family, but is a place just for me, to pour my thoughts, push myself photography wise. Which ironically lately I've been doing, I've literally taken a gazillion pictures of late, always intending to post here but come the evening the idea of editing them is quickly quashed with the promise of seeing whether Bruce Jenner has become a woman yet or not. I know, I've never been prouder of myself ;)

So, I've made an executive decision, blog. Instead of thinking I need to update you with everything that has been going on the last month picture by picture, which in part has made me stay away from my laptop all the more. Let's draw a line under it shall we. Start a fresh as it was. It's not like anything major has been going on anyway, I mean Caleb only turned three, we sold our flat, had friends stay over for a week which equated to six kids in total, a weeks caravan holiday, and of course Easter. So like I said, nothing here to see. All very quiet ;)

*can I also just tell you that before I hit the publish button on this post and was about to congratulate myself for finally doing a blog, Archie decided to projectile vomit all over his cot. Yeah I've totally got this two kids and blogging thing down, ha! Now where is that bloody remote control....


  1. Awww no worries sweet mommy! You are living and enjoying your sweet life! As far as we are concerned.....we will be right here waiting for you with a hot cup or tea or a fine glass of wine....depending on the events of the day! :) -Julie-

    1. Thanks as always for the sweetest comments, Julie. it's so lovely to have you here!