As of last week we have a crawler!! Archie, finally graduated from bum shuffling to crawling. Well, the one knee and then leg drag crawl, and let's not forget the occasionally walking on hands and feet, but technicalities aside, he is fully moving, and fast.

As with all milestones, I always have an internal freak out.

One. They're growing up, way too fast for my liking, and two, how on earth is this going to work?!

I always feel like it takes a good couple of weeks to find our groove. Adapt, and figure out a new routine. You know, the boring stuff like how do I get anything done with two, TWO, moving bodies dangling off me at all times?! Not too mention the need for having eyes in the back of my head grow bigger every day.

But after a few bruises, tears, late dinners, and cutting the feet off outgrown babygrows for bedtime, because well who's got time for actually washing clothes these days? I finally feel we've got our groove back (kinda), and although two moving babes can at times feel overwhelming, what also comes with new stages is new loves.

Now that Archie is moving it really has made him an equal to Caleb. As he sheds his baby-ness (sob,sob) I see his excitement at being able to join his brother in play, and although initially alarmed, Caleb is adapting. They're learning and understanding that neither is the centre of the universe, and I have to say I'm hooked. The age they are both at right now, has to be my favourite. Until, I find my next favourite that is ;)

But wow, is having two little ones active and moving, and barely ever stopping exhausting.

I mean, I love them, but I'd be lying if I said that bedtime wasn't one of my favourite times of the day just now.

That moment when they're all clean, freshly brushed teeth and looking extra cute in their (washed and well fitting!) pj's. Seriously, what is it about little ones in their pj's? Gets me every time. Then comes the bedtime stories and goodnight kisses and then, ahhhhh, adult time.

It appears though, Caleb and Archie's friendship hasn't just grown in the daytime, it's also an after hours thing too. Just last night as we were about to flop on the couch, when we heard giggles erupt from their room which the boys share together. Our first thought was, ugh, come on, are you not asleep already?

We then exchanged, that look with each other.

You know, the who's turn is it? look.

I gave him my best I've been with them all day face.

To which he returned back with his I've been at work all day face.

The classic parent stand off.

Meanwhile, the giggles grew louder, something absolutely hilarious was clearly going on in there. Sod the parent stand off, we  both wanted in on this joke. As we crept to their room desperately trying not to laugh or be spotted, we could hear Caleb out of his bed playing the fool while Archie, who usually is out like a light when you put him down, was sat up giving his best belly laugh. Archie spotted us, and flashed us his biggest smile. Busted. Our oh so serious trying to parent was not so convincing as we struggled not to laugh when reminding them both it was bedtime.

The laughs continued for a further thirty minutes, until exhaustion gave out.

We both sat there on the couch smiling to ourselves, I know, both thinking the same thing...

One. How did we get so lucky?

Two. Thank God, they are now asleep.


  1. Oh Claire! This post makes me so happy. I love your honesty. Your boys are so lucky to have one another, and they're lucky to have you as their mama!

  2. I was smiling reading this! I remember those......Daddy's home u go moments! And I agree with u......freshly washed ...jammie babies are the sweetest! -Julie-