Michael turned to me in the car the other day and said, 'Do you remember when we said we could never imagine the day we would just want Caleb to shut up and stop talking for five minutes?'

'Yes', I smiled. Oh yes I remember that well.

We both burst out laughing as Caleb's voice hollered from the backseat, 'Mama? Mama? Daddy? Daddy?' for the gazillionth time that day.

It's happened. A month off turning three and half years old and our little man has found his voice, and we literally can't shut him up.

He's full of questions, his new found speech has awoken his curiosity to the world, wanting to know the name of anything and everything, and the slightest sounds sets off his favourite question, 'What's that noise?!'.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him chatting away. We are now getting a proper insight into our loving, kind and funny boy and what's best is so is everyone else. If you asked me what has been one of the hardest things about Caleb's speech delay I would definitely say the barrier it's created to the outside world, and watching the amazing boy I knew inside being dominated mostly by frustration, temper and tears on the outside. Watching him shed that barrier and form proper relationships outwith our family makes me proud beyond measure, and so happy for him.

So keep talking my boy. Give us all your questions. You've got our full attention. If you can however adjust your volume button though it would be much appreciated ;)

Here are some of our favourite Caleb chats recently...

'Can I go to the moon? Please, mama. pleeeeeeease.'

Unable to hold his hand as I was carrying bags and pushing Archie in the pram. 'It's okay, mama. You gotta go the doctor, alright.'

We've weaned him off his much loved cap for when he's at nursery so every day when we leave he tells his cap, 'Don't worry, hat. I've got to go to nursery, hat. I'll see you soon. Byeeeeeeeeeee.'

'Mama, ooooouch sore belly, mama.'  Me - 'Are you hungry, Caleb?'. Caleb - 'Yes, mama'

'See you tomorrow toys. I gotta go home.' As we leave the Tesco toy aisle when we're doing our food shop. This is as much adorable as it is a relief. Ha!


  1. He is so adorable! Well done Caleb!

  2. So darling! I can't wait until Zaden reaches this age where he starts asking questions and conversating more (:

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  3. Kids say the darndest things! He is so cute! I know I love the conversations I have with my three-year-old (even if I feel like sometimes we are talking in circles). I'm sure there's so much more added joy being able to talk with him after a speech delay! Congrats Caleb!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!

  4. Hi Claire!! Just rereading this post, think i read it a couple of months back! Similar happenings here, my guy turns three next months and he's just starting to find his voice now. It's a toughy when they are desperately trying to tell someone something and you find yourself translating, but such a relief when the words and questions start to come. His preschool teacher commented today on how well his speech had come on (she was away for two weeks) i could have kissed her, mainly because others are beginning to understand him. And like Caleb he's become interested in noises and asks 'what's that noise' often too, and now my 21 month old is doing the same, anyhoo, sorry for the rambling, just loved this post, similar relief feels i think. Keep on keeping on little guy. Such a pair of cuties those boys x