We're still here. Still in our rental. Life on a funny sort of pause, yet moving as fast paced as ever.

I nearly had a mini melt down on Sunday. Okay, kind of did.

Living in a temporary rental indeed has a shelf life when you have two little ones. Living out of boxes gets tired quickly and don't even get me started with the amount of times I've stubbed my toe or banged into something because, well, there is just stuff and boxes everywhere.

So looking to Mikey trying to laugh our current situation off, we decided to grab the boys, pack up the car and hit the great outdoors, and let me tell you, the perfect medicine for my little fed up soul.

Autumn, seriously, you have my heart. I'm like a child every year when it rolls around, the colours, the light, the joy on my boys faces as they collect sticks, leaves and other woodland treasures. Oh yep, you bet I'm the adult scouring the woods and parks for conker trees and then squealing in delight when I find one. I'm happy to report I've now passed that on to Caleb too.

We decided to head out to Archerfield Walled Garden, knowing that it wouldn't disappoint on a beautiful Autumn day, and that it didn't. It's the perfect place for kids AND adults. There's a play park just off from the cafe and then the grounds to roam. Just as the sun got low in the sky we set off on our walk. I still have to pinch myself a little when I see Archie strutting his stuff, he started walking not long after moving into our rental and the boy has not stopped since!

Can someone please explain to me when this boy of mine grew up overnight?!

Along the trail there were lots of little places to explore.

I just can't get enough of all the golden hues with splashes of orange everywhere.

I seriously won't be doing this with Archie for much longer. Ton. Weight.

He's loving my cuddles. Totes loving them, I tell you :P

The Wishing Tree, tie a ribbon on a branch, close your eyes and make a wish. I made a wish for a special someone.

My big boy!!!!

Does the hat look familiar?! Remember a certain wee boy who was totally obsessed with it and wore it all day, every day for what felt like FOREVER. Ha!

Mama uniform. All day. Every day.

I'm crazy about my three guys, well they drive me crazy, so that's the same thing, right?! ;)

There really is nothing quite like fresh air to shake away day to day stresses. We left Archerfield feeling a whole lot happier with perspective gained. Not long now until our big move to our new home. Three weeks and counting!!!! Eeeek!!

For those that also may be interested, I've been receiving emails and messages asking where particular items of clothing we wear are from, I've never addressed it here as I've never seen this as, 'a fashion blog', per say. I am however a girl who loves her clothes, and since becoming a mother it's been important for me to keep wearing what I love but to also make sure it's functional and fits in with running after two boys all day long.

Where I can I will link to what we are wearing and I hope this helps for those that are interested!

You can find my cardigan here, and I'm forever on the quest for the perfect white tee and this COS number is pretty damn close. My jeans can be found here, and my boots here. My current favourite Mac lipstick is Lady Danger.

Caleb is wearing a Zara tee, and his boots can be found here. His long loved hat is from Gap a few years back, but we're also loving this one too.

Archie's jumper can be found here, his hat here, and his boots like Caleb's are from Clarks.


  1. Oh what a beautiful post! I really enjoyed your photos.
    Isn't it amazing what fresh air can do for us.
    It just makes everything better. And really does calm us all.
    Autumn is perfect and I really wish it didn't end.
    I hope your toe feels better.
    I've stubbed my toe quite a bit and just for that moment there is a pain you can't describe.- Haha.
    Again, lovely post. :)
    And thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I appreciate it so much.

  2. Lovely familly and wonderful post ;)

  3. i like the place where you took this pictures