Is that a Santa hat you spy?

Oh yes it is, but don't worry, we don't have a Christmas obsessed Caleb, although he does keep picking his Christmas books to read each night for bed ;). Sorry, kid, it's a once a year thing I'm afraid.

These pictures were in fact taken in December, and of course I'm late sharing. It was our first weekend in our new home and we decided to take a break from all the boxes to get some fresh air and stretch our legs.

I remember it being so cold that afternoon but we all walked around with big giddy smiles on our faces. It had been exactly a year since we first thought about putting our old place on the market, and now here we were, walking around our new neighbourhood, complete with our own mini Santa ;)

Ain't she pretty? We pass this canal every day to get to Caleb's nursery and the sight does not get old.

Talking of nursery, Caleb has fitted in seamlessly which we couldn't be more thrilled about. We were a little worried about all the change that had happened in the last year that we felt a change of nursery might be one change too much. Turns out I think it's me who worries about change more so than my boys.

You see I like to think I'm good with change and that I just roll with the punches but I find the older I get the less so this is true. Therefore I couldn't be happier to say we are loving our new area!

I worried moving a little further out from the city would be quite isolating, but quite the opposite. For one, every person you pass pretty much says hello, which suits my Liverpudlian personality down to a tee. Then there was Caleb starting nursery, which in all intents and purposes feels like you the parent is starting school all over again.

Cue new mum at nursery who knows no one. Talk about unearthing that nervous young girl in me. I class myself as a fairly outgoing person, but with a tough year last year and just feeling a little out of sorts has made me shrink back in myself a little. Lucky for me I've met some lovely, lovely people. 

I've been struck of late just how truly lovely people are, whether we've known them for years or just a short amount of time. The support that has been felt after losing my grandad has been amazing. There isn't a thank you big enough really. 

In other news, Archie likes to walk everywhere now! Until well, he doesn't want to walk and then he'd prefer mama's arms over his pram.

My Sorel boots have been a lifesaver this winter, I had them in mind for all the snow I hoped we would get, no such luck, they've instead kept my feet warm and dry from all this sodding rain. Oh and it's meant I could twin with my boys, do you think they'll find this cool still when they're 25?! ;) 

As you can see Daddy is quite partial to a bit of twinning too.

For those that are interested in outfit details, I'm afraid there's a lot of last season rocking going on, not to mention Caleb hand me downs to Archie ;)

My boots c/o Cloggs are these Sorel boots, and they're now on sale with an extra 10% off too!

The boys duck boots can be found here, and also on sale.

My poncho is a good old Tesco number, don't you just love an outfit purchase mid food shop ;). Similar can be found here. My go to waterproof trousers (thank you, pleather!) are H&M, and my hat is Zara last season but you can find similar here.

Mikey's trusty Northface jacket gets pulled out every year, and I've been known to steal it for the nursery run ;)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! You all look fab as always and I'm so impressed with how well everything is going for you. Good for you, I hope it'll be a great year for you! X

  2. Gorgeous family!! Have a great new week! Xx

  3. The neighborhood is incredibly beautiful. I can only wish they looked like that here in the States!
    Happy to hear that you're settling in nicely, too. :)

  4. Hello! This new neighborhood is really nice. Your little boys are sooooooo cute...can't wait to read March post. Hope you are okay

  5. Your kids are so cute and the twinning thing made them more adorable. You did a right choice with the new home and a fresh start. They seem to enjoy the place. Good luck to you and your family.