You know when you just want to press a repeat button on a weekend?

Well that was this weekend just passed.

We had my mum visiting for the first time in our new home which we were all beyond excited about. I've been missing my mum like crazy lately so this weekend couldn't come soon enough. As soon as she arrived she was treated to the fastest tour guide in the world, Caleb, who dragged her around from room to room in all of about 30 seconds, all whilst shouting, 'Tanma 'poo, come here!!!'. How's that for an unfortunate name when your grandson has difficulty pronouncing certain letters?! :P 

With the tour of the house out of the way ;), we could get busy enjoying our weekend together as Mikey headed off for a friend's stag do.

Here's a little vlog below of all the things we got up to. For those that have been asking, I shoot these just using my iphone and then edit on the imovie phone app. It's super easy, trust me, because I can do it.

I love how these little clips can be put together capturing an entire weekend in three minutes. I hope the boys will love them when they are older, they're already obsessed watching them now. Think Joey from Friends, 'There I am, there I am, there I am.', and that's pretty much Caleb when he sees himself on film. Oh how I love that boy.

March 2016 from Claire Stewart on Vimeo.

Music by Tessa Rose Jackson '20 years'.

I love new finds, and one of the places you saw there in the vlog was, The Secret Herb Garden. It's been on my list of places to visit for some time now but just never got around to it. Then two people mentioned it to me in the space of a week saying how much I would love it. So, I thought it would be the perfect place to visit when my mum was up, and it was.

Think child-friendly (ie parent heaven), fresh herb teas, beautiful settings, vintage wares and more. We sat in the cafe to begin with munching on the most delicious scones but the real gem of this place is the glasshouse where the boys could run about daft and play with various toys scattered about whilst we sat sipping tea on old vintage couches. 

Quite the view with these beautiful flowers, ha! Thanks, Caleb.

The best tea!

Hello heaven. I purchased a dustpan and brush and I'm ashamed to admit just how excited I was about that.

Happy, happy boys. Which means, you guessed it....happy, HAPPY mama!

Now excuse me while I go overload you with pictures of Archie, when oh when did this baby of mine become a little man?!

Also in the vlog we visited the National Museum on Chamber street, usually a huge hit with my kids, but that day they just weren't digging it. Archie was overdue a nap, Caleb was in a mood because he wanted a red slush puppy (like seriously, it's winter, kiddo!!) and was not best impressed when we couldn't find one on our walk up to the museum. So, as the smiles turned to tears we ditched the museum, that's one thing I'm learning with the boys is just to know when to let plans go, rather than stubbornly stick to an idea that was meant to be fun but everyone just ends up miserable, me included.

Archie ended up napping as we walked around Edinburgh soaking the city up and I realised that I take for granted just what a good walker Caleb is and how much he loves it. By ditching our original plans it totally turned our day around for the better. Lesson learnt.

Another place in the vlog was Almond Valley Farm where Grandma was showing off her bouncing skills ;). Its a place we visit a lot as there's so much to do there, even when the weather is rubbish which it was that day.

We then had to bid farewell to Tanma 'poo, much to everyone's upset, but we have her up again in three weeks time for Caleb's birthday, yay!! Did I mention hes going to be four?! FOUR!!! I really am struck by just how fast these boys are growing at the minute.

Someone please stop time, already.


  1. What a sweet video! That sunset at the end? Totally dreamy! And your mum is such a stylish lady. It looks like everyone was really happy to be together. <3

    1. We were, and I love that you can tell that. I adore my mum's style, she keeps me on my toes, ha!! xx

  2. Love the soft, calming look on the angel's face of Archie... Simply darling ;-) (both kids) Thanks for sharing your home/family diary with us!!! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Oh thank you for taking the time to watch and read! It so lovely to have the times documented so my boys can see them when they're older xx

  3. So cute! first time visiting your blog and just had to comment because i love the homeyness of it. and also that video is so sweet and makes me miss my mom. darling.

    1. Hey!! So lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping by and taking the time to have a look around. Nice to have you here xx