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Creating a new space can always be a little daunting, especially if you're like me and like multiple looks and eras. So for me a starting point is committing to a particular piece that you fall in love with and then taking it from there.

For me that turns out to be a rug. I have a love affair with rugs. Like give me them all. I find they're a cracking starting point when designing a room, as you instantly have your colour palate determined and the type of look you're going for. For example, I went with this Ferm Living beauty (pictured below) for our living room. Now I would usually recommend living in a space before you start buying new pieces but I fell in love with this rug instantly and it became our first purchase for our new home that wasn't even built at that point.

With it's Nordic vibe and cool tones I knew I wanted to pair it with grey furniture, I didn't want the room however to have a cold feel to it, therefore I picked out some copper and brass tones. I love how the metallic pops without being overpowering.

Since we went with cooler tones in the living room I knew I would want colour in the dining room (which leads on from the living area). Now in my dream of dreams I'd be sourcing a Moroccan or Persian rug beauty, but hello, reality, and hello, I wanted it for underneath my dining room table, ie. dumping ground for half of my kid's dinner.

So here's a top tip of mine, if ya can't afford it, check out Gumtree (secondhand selling website) in your area. It is crazy what you can find on there, with some people actually giving things away for free, I guess the bonus being for them that you save them the hassle of getting rid of it. Other people trash is others peoples....and all that.

That is where I can across my Iranian treasure that was completely in my price range, and because of it's vintage nature (it has slight wearing which I actually think is the charm of these pieces) and its rich colour it has made it the perfect rug for under a busy family table. With such a statement piece I knew I didn't want anything else competing with it, I therefore started to source industrial looking pieces.

Now knowing how much these two rugs had brought to both these rooms I now wanted one for our kitchen living space too. The kitchen itself though determined what type of rug I was looking for, that and a couch we had already purchased.

I had felt a little unsure about the colour of the couch at the time. With having grey units in the kitchen I knew I didn't want yet another grey couch, white was out because again, kids. We instead went with an oatmeal beige, which if I'm honest I wasn't really completely sold on but I adored the style of the couch. I needed to find a rug that would tie the beige couch and grey units up nicely.

I found all that and more at French Connection. Btw when the hell did French Connection start selling home ware?? All I know is I'm happy they did. This rug was the missing piece to this space, with its beige and grey tones offset nicely with blush pink and mint it's fitted in perfectly, and funnily enough has made me love my 'beige' couch all the more.

So there you have it, three major rooms in our home on the way to being complete, and it started with a rug. Rugs are bloody awesome.

Thank you so much to everyone's support and kind words with the blog relaunch. Don't forget to enter our giveaway on the previous post here. Only a few more hours left so go, go, go!


  1. Gahhh! Your home is so lovely. And I LOOOOVE all three rugs. You, my dear, have excellent taste. Now that I think of it, my living room was also designed around a rug (Kilim off ebay!) and I plan on doing it again when the time comes.

    1. Oh I love a good rug find, they're really a good starting point aren't they. I need to see more of your beautiful home and this rug you speak of! xx

  2. Oh my goodness Claire, your interiors style is impeccable and right up my street! More of these posts please, I love it! Xxx

    1. Aww thank you so much, lovely. It's been so fun this time around as I promised myself not to rush and panic purchase, it's made it so much more enjoyable xx

  3. This is such a great post and I never thought about starting a room with a rug but I totally get it! Bring on a new home and new rugs!! Also a lover of Persian rugs over here too especially with half of Ayman's family being from Iran ;) xxx

  4. Where is your kitchen sofa from please? It's gorgeous!