When I was pregnant with Caleb there were a lot of those, 'first' purchases I was so excited about. The pram. The cot. The teeny tiny neutral baby grows. I still can't help but smile now when I pass the newborn section in shops. It brings back all that excitement I felt at the time.

One purchase that completely eluded me though was 'the baby bag'. Which was crazy to me as I adore me a good bag, but I just couldn't get excited about a bag (however practical) that was so far removed from my usual style. There wasn't anything that warranted the price tag for me. So instead I bought a Longchamp shopper and put a separate baby change mat inside. It worked at the time but due to its lack of compartments there was a many a time spent digging for whatever I was looking for. Not ideal when you have a screaming baby on your hands. 

Roll on four years and the world of baby bags has certainly become something to get excited about. Not only have designs become even more practical but finally they look like a bag you would lust after baby or no baby. Pacapod have created just that with their beautiful Firenze bag in pewter. I was really excited when asked to review this beauty. For one, I adore bags, and two, I feel I've got a very good idea about what I want and expect from a baby bag now. I mean it's only taken four years and two babies ;)

What makes Pacapod particularly special is their 3 in 1 system. It's such a clever idea which really makes life so much easier. Pictured above is the front of the bag opened to reveal two separate pods inside. The beige pod has a change mat attached and plenty of room for your nappy, wipes, and cream. The red pod comes with a bottle warmer inside and is perfect for carrying food, drink and snacks. It also has straps on it turning it into a backpack for your little one too. Genius.

Each pod is easily removed and better still can be attached to your pram on their own if you didn't need an actual bag with you. I love this feature for many reasons. I like that the baby change pod can be taken to the toilet without the whole bag needing to go with you too. I still get grossed out by the stories of how much germs our bags pick up by being taken to public bathrooms. Also, when we're out as a family of four their are points in our day were we may split up for a bit. Toilet trips, naps etc. I love that instead of one person having the bag with EVERYTHING in, we are now able to pass over the pod that is needed for the particular child and then we can go our separate ways. It's something I never would have factored in when looking for a baby bag, but it really makes life as a family of four so much simpler on days out.

Once fully packed for the day this does make the bag pretty heavy, but I think this is mostly unavoidable when kids are in the mix. This however makes the pram straps to attach your bag to your pram even more invaluable.

This bag has definitely become a staple for me and I even use it when I don't have the boys with me, which says how much I love the look and design of this bag. Forget the days of the ugly mum bag ;)

If you're a mum to be then Pacapod bags are wishlist worthy, and to all the mums who like me could never find a baby bag you loved, ladies, things have indeed changed.

The Pacapod Firenze in pewter is currently available to pre-order here, with delivery in August.


  1. This bag looks amazing! I agree things have changed a lot in the last few years. Gorgeous pics xx

    1. Like seriously changed. They're worthy of a third child one might say, ha!! xx

  2. Such a great pick for a changing bag, love the colour and style and can totally use it as a 'normal' handbag too after those days are gone ;). Beautiful post and love all the pictures!! xxx

    1. Aww thank you, lovely! The bag is even more beautiful in the flesh xx