This day was so good. One where you relive your own childhood memories whilst getting to watch your own children make theirs.

We were in Liverpool visiting all the family and the weather was glorious, and dare I say at times too hot?! I know, shoot me, I'm that person who complains we get no good weather and then as soon as we do I'm all, I'm too hot, I'm too hot.

With the sun high in the sky and blue skies for miles my mum and I decided to take the boys down to Crosby Marina. If you're ever visiting Liverpool with children this place is a must. It has an amazing park play area, sand dunes, the beach, and a promenade. The boys were literally in heaven. It's also home to the amazing sculptures 'Another Place' by Antony Gormley, which is 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread across the seafront. They're incredible and completely eerie. I've not seen them in years and I forgot how truly impressive they are.

I hadn't expected such good weather in Liverpool so didn't even think to pack the boys beach wear when I was in Edinburgh. So we went old school, Caleb in nothing but his undies and t-shirt. Archie, no nappy and his t-shirt. There's something that makes me smile silly about this. I remember doing this as a child before the age of becoming self conscious. They just looked so free, which I'm sure is exactly how they felt. Exactly what childhood should be all about.

We spent the entire day there and left exhausted, happy, and with a truck load of sand in the car. I took a little video of our day there which I hope you enjoy watching. I love when the boys watch these videos that keep shouting, 'THAT'S ME!!!', and I love that I have these videos so I'll never forget the little things. Like how Archie would rush to the sea but then run away from the tide coming in with squeals of laughter, and how he would scream, 'BUBBLES' (his word for water) at the top of his lungs. The way it shows how much confidence Caleb has now and his sense of adventure, and how much they both loved having their grandma join in the fun. Such good times.

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// My baby change bag in the video is by Pacapod, and if you'd like to read a full review of this clever beauty of a bag that can be found here.

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