I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. Red roses don't float my boat, and all of a sudden decent restaurants everywhere start to serve substandard food just because their set menu is covered in hearts. I'll give it a miss, thanks.

But when you've got three boys wanting to take you out how could I say no? When two of those dates happen to be under five your fancy schmancy restaurants are out of the question and so a leisurely lunch date it is. No set menu but a place that sells brunch all day long. Now you're talking.

Plus when you wear your favourite pink jumper, and you never wear pink, it feels like romance is in the air ;)

Thanks to a friend's suggestion I was recently introduced to The Pantry, located in Stockbridge. It boasts great food and great coffee, but there's more. Their piece de resistance is a little kid's corner it has set up full of books and toys, which just happens to be gated!! So after your little ones have demolished (or ignored) their food they have a space of their own to keep them busy which means lunch in peace for us adults, and even HOT coffee. Now there ain't nothing more romantic than that ;)

I went for shakshuka eggs, while Michael tucked into the braised beef quesadilla. The portions aren't huge but were perfect for us on that day. If you're really hungry I would suggest another dish to share or you can tuck into some cake afterwards. It's not super cheap, but considering the location and the gorgeous food I'd say totally reasonable.

With date night mostly a thing of the past it was so nice to have a little date vibe going on, with our two sidekicks happy in the play corner. I still find it astounding you can see someone daily yet never really get to chat properly. Family life for ya, conversations stop being about yourselves and are all about little people.

So it was nice to sit there and talk about work, the year ahead, and just life in general. It was a conversation that lasted a whole hot coffee, a win in my books. Once the boys started getting restless we decided to go for a walk before home

I don't know if it's because Caleb is soon to turn five but he just seems to have grown up so much in the last few months. He's my little gent who when he saw me ready to go out on our little lunch date told me how pretty I looked! Talk about boosting at mama's confidence because at the moment when I look in the mirror I just see a tired and rapidly aging me, but if in the eyes of my son I'm pretty, well that is good enough for me.

Then there's this little fire cracker, who's smile is infectious, the cheekiest of all, and loves so fiercely he will pounce and kiss at any time.

One of my favourite Valentine days to date. Three boys vying for my attention is pretty awesome ;)

You can find my pink jumper here. Be warned you will mop up everything around you with the cuffs, but when cuffs look that good, who cares, right?!

Also, if like me you struggle to get jeans (I've got thighs and a bum but a smaller waist, the worst combo for good fitting jeans) I'm obsessed with these Joules Monroe jeans. The fit is lovely and doesn't make me feel like sausage meat squeezed into it's skin, because where is the romance in that ;)


  1. Psst! I love having bois! like proper love it and they're AAAALLLL mine! Lovely post xxx

    1. Gahhhh I love it toooooo!!!! How lucky are we?!

      Thank you, dear xx

  2. Oh gosh, my heart burst when you said your five year old told you how pretty you are! Raised a gent there ;)!

    You ARE very pretty by the way - love the romantic hairdo, too! I would frame that one of you giggling with your youngest in your arms, it's giving me all kinds of mushy daydreams about my future.

    Thanks for the tip off re the jeans too - exactly my problem! I will keep an eye out for them. :)


    1. Oh Flora, you are too kind, thank you!

      I can't wait to check your blog out, the name is already resonating with me, ha! ;) xx

  3. Oh gosh your pictures are just beautiful. #photogoals
    It sounds like you are raising two fine little gentlemen there. Complimenting mummy and all. Gorgeous.
    Off now to read more of your lovely posts x

  4. You look stunning mama, LOVE pink on you!!! What a perfect place to eat and chill while the kids are occupied... can other cafes and restaurants take note please haha. Such a beautiful post xxx

  5. Ahhhh Claire, this post is beyond gorgeous. These photos though - STUNNING!! They neeeeeeed to be framed! You in that jumper, totally just 'almost' bought it. I'm impulse like that you see.. going to sleep on it and probably buy it in the morning instead ;) Caleb with his sweet oh so true words, melting my heart over here. All this aside. You had me at gated kids corner! xx

  6. Claire, may I ask where these photos were taken? A girlfriend and I are heading to Belfast and Edinburgh in September of 2019 and already planning. I've followed you for a while but especially now with our Edinburgh trip on the horizon for 2019 I'Il be doing so even more! Love your style and the way you share on here ♡ love from MontrĂ©al, Em