this is one happy little house as we have visitors from the pool (liverpool that is). i'm always so excited by this but now watching caleb get excited too is the sweetest. he has literally been beaming from ear to ear since their arrival and not even his latest bout of teething is dampening his mood. eh can you make sure you stay until that bad boy tooth is fully through??

he's been enjoying lots of cuddles with his great aunt (even her singing!) and non stop playing with his cousins, they are amazing with him and so patient. they've been helping him with his standing and crawling, while caleb has been showing them his dancing and the ability to shove a whole sponge in his mouth before i managed to prise it from his hands. i mean is that boy serious, all those toys in the bath and what does he go for? of course the sponge, the plug, the tap.

living away from family can be hard, but when we do get to spend time together i really do feel like it's proper quality time. also if i ever had any fears that caleb would not remember my side of the family i needn't have worried. big smiles as soon as he saw them, that's his scouse roots shining through, attaboy!

by the way, could his cousins be any cuter, the top pictures are a message they made for caleb with his letters for him to find in the morning. obviously he destroyed it in record timing.

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