this little guy has been...

  • in his element having his great aunty and cousins visit. breakfast time has not been the same.
  • asleep again for his second ever visit to edinburgh castle.
  • taking swimming lessons from his cousins.
  • saying, ok said, 'mummy' and i wasn't even there :(  there was more than one witness. i wait with baited breath my boy.
  • in agony with his teething. it's been rotten for you baba, one minute smiling the next reduced to tears.
  • at his happiest standing. though we have to watch out for you launching yourself backwards without warning, there was one particular head cracking instant that you brushed off in minutes but left your mum and dad, shall we say, slightly traumatised.
  • loving his grapes peeled, yes peeled! not by me but by his grandma, lucky boy.
you've been a trooper having to put up with your two poorly parents. we're over the worst of it now though whoop whoop! now all we need is this teething to give you a break, you've definitely had your fair share this week son.

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you Haley, not so much of a sweetheart when teething though ;)

  2. He is such a handsome boy! And I love the pictures! My family and I lived in Montrose for a few years when I was younger (military brat) and we visited Edinburgh castle quite a few times, great memories and simply picturesque. Much prettier than what I see here quite often in the States! <3

    1. thank you. your Bea is just too adorable! sounds like you really travelled over the years! it is indeed picturesque but you certainly don't miss anything weather wise that's for sure!

  3. I seriously wonder how children survive to adulthood with the whole head injury thing they have going on. If it is any help my second child is still alive at 4 years despite various topplings (my first child is also still alive and she is 7, but had far better balance!). I have a mini heart attack everytimne still though!!!!!

  4. oh i hate it Vanessa!! i'm so aware i don't what to panic or scare him, but my god is it hard when you hear the dull sound of a skull cracking off the floor! glad to hear your two have survived ;)