today has been a tough one. michael is now sick. i'm no longer being sick but oh am I tired and achy. throw into the mix a teething 11 month old and you can quite imagine the scene here today. gone are the days of sticking your head under the covers to re-emerge three days later well and ready to face the world. instead what faced the world today was one mama who sooo pretended to be okay, i mean i even put some make up on, who was i kidding? it would appear only myself. caleb and i got as far as a lucozade run for dad and that was me. done. exhausted.
the day rapidly went down hill, caleb's teething took it up a notch. my head felt like it was going to explode, and michael was bedridden. lucozade was not going to save the day it would appear. had it not been for a few special moments i would have happily pretended this day never happened.
as it hit afternoon and my patience was at its end, caleb threw me a lifeline, and it was as simple as cuddles on the couch. he's not an overly cuddly baby, never has been, such a tease. but today just when i thought i was going to sink into a pool of my own tears, out he pulled the biggest cuddles and smiles. it's like he knew. this quickly followed by making me laugh by playing with his new favourite toy, some great v-tech or fisher price wonder you ask?? no. a kitchen roll tube. he uses it like a fog horn and finds this hilarious. i do too son, i do too.
so as parenthood goes this certainly has not been one of my favourite days, but has somehow held some of my favourite moments. i guess that is what true parenthood is. it isn't perfect, it isn't easy. it's damn hard, but oh my is it worth it. now to tidy up this place that once resembled our home and check on my poor husband.
i hope you're having a lovely weekend minus the norovirus!

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  1. The third photo of you and Caleb is my favourite ever. Sorry to hear about the evil bug! Nothing worse! Clever Caleb cheering you up. Keep the posts coming my brother. Lots of love x

  2. thanks Ruth!! we're all better now thankfully! xx

  3. I'm commenting on this post a bit late, but I love how you feel awful and still manage to find the good in life. What a beautiful, honest way to capture motherhood!

    And your hair... your beautiful hair in the photos. I recently tried doing that same hairstyle to my hair and it didn't turn out as cute as yours. I think I know my mistake though. My braids were really tight to my head, your hair is a little loose and looks more effortless. I will have to try again! Maybe you could give a little tutorial because I'm also having trouble with how to fasten my braids at the top without having them look like a jumbled mess!

    1. thank you Katie, so lovely of you to say.

      and the hair, I've made the same mistake of taking my time with it and it being too neat. that morning i shoved it up without thinking, seems the way forward ha ha. i cross them over at the top and then weave them through and pin, hope this helps :) oh and i find it works best on unwashed hair, which as a mum i have ALOT!