oh yes we are back in business, like 'belly rumbling pass me the food and keep it coming' business. it was nice to get up and feel like myself again, no brave face on for caleb, I was actually happy to be up and about. okay i could have done with it not being a 6am rise but hey now i'm just being picky ;)

someone who was not sharing my monday cheer though was caleb. he was a teething, frustrated mess. i feel so bad for him at the minute, the teething i can soothe but the crawling and walking there's only so much i can do but the majority of the work is down to him. he's on the cusp of it, which in turn makes him even more frustrated, the chocolate cake is just slightly out of reach.

i hate seeing you like this wee guy, but i promise you keep working at it and you'll get there, and when you do i think we'll both deserve a big slice of chocolate cake!

if anyone has any great crawling, walking tips i'm all ears, has anyone else dealt with a teary baby over this? he was happily bum shuffling everywhere a couple of weeks ago but is no longer satisfied just doing that now :(

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  1. I totally remember the frustration of our little Bea not being able to get up and around on twos by herself! My grandmother actually recommended and bought her a walker push toy, not the one she sits in but can pull themselves up with and it also locks in place but eventually when ready they can push around the room by themselves. This thing was awesome and provided our little one with a lot of laughs too since she liked to chase the poor dog around the house with it! <3 Glad to hear your house is healthy again!

  2. thanks Momma Burd! we've got a walker but he's in the habit of letting go without warning which gives him more of a fright than anything else and then the tears come. i just keep getting him back up to the walker and reassuring him. he's letting go less and less though so he is learning. i'll keep you posted!!

  3. Bless him...I remember the teething and frustration so well. The walker helped ours too. Loving your sweet blog x

    1. thank you!! such a shame for them hey. he's been loads better to today which is good!

  4. 1. You are the most adorable
    2. Poor baby Caleb! He will get it soon I'm sure!