this little house has a sickness bug. it started with caleb, but i think that boy has guts of steal as it doesn't seem to have fazed him and is now back to normal. his mother however, not the case. oh and what a rubbish patient i am. i hate being sick (like cry for my mum hate being sick). so it would appear there are two babies in this house at the moment. thank you to my husband who got home from work as soon as he could, not to mention bringing lucozade which has been my life line today, and thank you to grandma for taking care of caleb this afternoon. you realise how there's not much room for sickness when you have children so i am very thankful for all the help. caleb i will be back in business asap.

in the meantime i found this picture from you having your last breakfast with your cousins before they left. what a happy boy, this picture is cheering me up no end while you're away having fun.

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  1. Sending well wishes! Feel better soon!!! <3

  2. There is NOTHING worse than being sick and having to take care of a child. Well done to granny for helping out. x