this little guy has been.....

  • teething something rotten but now has two new teeth to show for it and another on the way! high five in the teeth department wee man!
  • sharing. when i say, 'mummy have' you pass me whatever is in your hand. sweet, sweet boy.
  • having a fine old time celebrating his granddad's birthday.
  • munching on manchego cheese and loving it, our spanish friends will be very proud
  • bird-watching. the cutest thing ever, he hears the tweets and his head shoots up searching for them.
  • pulling himself up on the furniture, tables, chairs, me.
  • almost there with the crawling, he can get both legs from under him now, just a case of what to do with them after that!!

with your first birthday just around the corner i'm struck by how much you're changing everyday. you're incredible to watch and you make the little moments feel so big. thank you for that my dear boy. you really are our little dude.


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  2. thank you Phibi! and i'll head over to your blog :)

  3. So sweet! Little boys are such heart melters:-) xoxo